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With the merger of Enterprise and Global, alongside a consumer-oriented shift in EE, BT faced a colossal challenge: uniting teams across the globe. Our solution? Leveraging research, insight and deep business understanding, we crafted a strategy to unify 25,000 diverse employees worldwide. 

And it all hinged on a film that would motivate and inspire every BT employee, wherever they’re based and whatever their role. They needed to see the extraordinary impact of their work, not just on BT customers, but on their customers’ customers and the whole world. Enter 'A World Made Better With BT'.

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To create something stand-out, we turned to BT’s customers. Though stories featuring customers come with their own challenges, including speakers with limited on camera experience, whole new sets of brand guidelines and more stakeholders invested in the final vision of the film, we knew it was the best way forward. 

We worked closely with BT’s customer relationship teams to identify and then approach key customers, then penned a ‘bean to cup’ story around them. Together, we brought BT’s strengths to life, showcasing the impact the business has on everything from manufacturing to transport and so much more. 

Still from BT A World Made Better On BT Film
BTS of BT A World Made Better On BT Film
Still from BT A World Made Better On BT Film
BTS of A World Made Better On BT Film
BTS of A World Made Better On BT Film

An intrepid DRPG film team travelled worldwide, under a single film director and with a single creative vision. They coached ordinary people to deliver heartfelt lines authentically, captured outstanding footage and transformed it into an inspiring final product in time for its grand unveiling at BT Live, a multi-national event where ‘A World Made Better on BT’ took centre stage. 

This wasn't just a film; it was the heartbeat of the event. And it will live on as the link that binds the new BT together.

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