Triumph Tiger 1200 Product Launch Animation

Triumph Motorcycles, the iconic UK-based motorcycle manufacturer, has been synonymous with the ultimate riding experience since its inception. When Triumph set out to introduce its latest masterpiece, the Tiger 1200, it needed a groundbreaking way to convey the bike’s exceptional features to passionate fans, the media, and new audiences. That's where our animation team came into the picture, turning Triumph’s vision into a spectacular reality. 

Faced with the challenge of launching the Tiger 1200 during a time when live events were off the table, we saw an exciting opportunity. We crafted a tailor-made video broadcast filled with captivating animated features in real-time that would bring the new bike to life on-screen. Best of all, we seized the opportunity to create content that would last and could be repurposed, serving as an introduction to Triumph's new bike range long after the release date. 

Case Study - Triumph Tiger 1200 Animation - Image 2
Case Study - Triumph Tiger 1200 Animation - Image 7

Our task was to showcase the intricate details of each bike, highlight key features and selling points, and provide viewers with the full picture. This wasn't just about adventure; it was about explaining why the Tiger 1200 should be the bike of choice. So, for the launch, we partnered with Unreal Engine to create dynamic bike models that could be manoeuvred and disassembled with real-time technology, showcasing all the features that set this bike apart. 

Our animation team have been working in Unreal Engine for several years and applying the experience on this project made the workflow more efficient and reduced rendering times. That might not sound super exciting, but trust us, it is. Essentially, it meant quicker turnarounds and a more budget-friendly approach to complex, impactful work. 

Case Study - Triumph Tiger 1200 Animation - Image 6
Case Study - Triumph Tiger 1200 Animation - Image 4
Case Study - Triumph Tiger 1200 Animation - Image 5

That work took viewers on an animated journey through different terrains, from the roads most riders would traverse to the unforgiving desert, where the Tiger 1200 truly shone. We expanded our XR studio set to create the illusion of a warehouse with road and desert sections, even animating the screen content within the shot. 

From the very first frame to the exhilarating finale, the excitement was palpable in this high-energy broadcast. The broadcast showed Triumph at its finest and its impact has been remarkable. With over 65,000 views and counting, the Tiger 1200 roared onto the scene in style… thanks to the magic of animation.