MS Amlin Diversity and Inclusion Audit

MS Amlin is a big player in the world of insurance and reinsurance, and in the past few years it’s seen a lot of change to its internal infrastructure. To make sense of all the changes, and make sure all its people were still being served the same quality experience, it commissioned an internal audit from our incredible Research and Insights team.  

Diversity and inclusion were what MS Amlin was keen to learn more about, so everything we did focused on that. We started with all the data already available to MS Amlin. Our experts dug in deep and discovered all the places the business’ value manifested around the business, then got personal with the big concepts, talking to colleagues who either met the UK’s protected characteristics or had experience feeling ‘different’ in the workplace.  

With all that insight into not only where MS Amlin wanted to be when it came to diversity, but where it was at that moment and how its people felt about its approach, we were able to see where the business was excelling, and where it would benefit from a little more work. In LGBTQ+ support, for example, it was doing great stuff, but team cohesion and issues around equality were not so strong. To build a full picture, we audited every policy, identified 12 main qualities that needed to be addressed and then asked employees all about them. 

Case Study - MS Amlin D and I Audit - Image 3
Case Study - MS Amlin D and I Audit - Image 2

After compiling all that into one easy-to-understand document, so much has happened at MS Amlin. Within it's first month of launch, the network successfully delivered or celebrated a whole host of events such as Black History Month,  Poppy Day and Diwali and also provided free period products for employees.

Now, a D&I Matters hub has been launched. Made up of several inclusive networks, it’s employee-led and supported by the leadership team. Within a month of launch, around 17% of employees had joined at least one network and that number is still on the rise. Through it, MS Amlin is doing even more work on D&I issues that affect so many within its ranks – that’s the kind of positive change we hope to see spring from every report we deliver. If that wasn't enough, Ms Amlin also took home three awards including gold at the MarCom Awards in the Best Research/Study category.

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