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Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is one of the UK’s leading financial services groups, supporting people and businesses across the UK while making positive contributions to the communities in which they operate. As the global pandemic prompted a rise in scams and left many in need of advice on financial wellbeing, LBG wanted to take action. It hoped to help young people avoid falling victim to fraud or economic abuse with a series of short films. 

On this project decided to pitch something completely different to any film we’ve produced before for LBG. Relatability was key to connecting with this audience on this topic, and we knew a documentary-drama style using predominantly handheld cameras would make the films feel intimate. It took trust on both sides, but Lloyds was in, so we set to finding actors to portray our real stories. 

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LBG identified three areas they wanted to focus on – money mule scams, investment scams and impersonation scams – and each became a separate film. We worked closely with the LBG fraud team on the details of the scripts, ensuring they were as true to life as possible. Then we shared them with focus groups and young people from across the organisation to make sure the engagement and messaging was right for our target age group. 

We never took our eye off the fact these were educational films. That meant we needed key learnings to be clear, and to avoid slipping into our usual LBG corporate response. With resolutions presented through characters eyes, we kept the entire piece to style and presented key takeaways with real impact. 

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We wanted to reach everyone with these films, especially the most vulnerable. Making sure they were all accessible was therefore very important. On one film, we made the decision to shoot with an all-deaf cast, supported by Signly and British Sign Language consultants to make sure we got everything right. Not only did this make the films more accessible and representative, it enabled charities such as the National Deaf Children’s Society to build LBG content into their youth programmes with ease. 

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Lloyds Banking Group wanted to fill a gap in education and grow awareness of dangerous scams among young people. There’s no question that these moving films did just that. Parents have been inspired to start conversations with their children after seeing the videos, LBG has met an important learning outcome, and more are discovering further LBG materials thanks to our films. We’re just proud to have made a difference.  

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