ITV Strategy Communication

Much has changed since ITV’s previous strategy refresh in 2010 - including a seismic technology shift. That very year, beloved streaming platform Netflix was still sending DVDs through the post, but today both Netflix and its peers have completely changed viewing habits with on-demand content.

Fast-forward to 2018, ITV’s strategy incorporated these changes in consumer habits with the senior management team looking for fun and compelling ways of how to share its vision internally, resulting in the widest possible buy-in from colleagues across the business.

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We devised and delivered a fabulous strategy-in-a-box toolkit for senior leaders and line managers to cascade to their teams. These tools encouraged individuals to capture the strategy journey, and to collaborate and share with one another. The engaged workforce further promoted the strategy internally for maximum momentum. We created a visual identity, with the ‘More Than’ shield being central to the three engines that drive it: strength, accelerate, and create. The shield represented the protection of the brand and works as a visual cue for colleagues to get behind.  

Other assets in the toolkit included a manager’s cascade planner, a fun, interactive game that encouraged teams to think creatively about their key priorities, and a how-to guide that detailed all the necessary steps the entire business needed to ensure the success of the strategy. A shortened version was also created to suit the large volume of freelancers working for ITV.

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Our campaign utilised ITV’s already extensive suite of popular communications channels, including its domestic and international weekly newsletters, its intranet, its managers’ bulletin, and its regular podcasts and vodcasts. ITV’s creative team worked with our team in the production and broadcast of a short film about the strategy.  

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at DRPG who pulled together our 2018 strategy campaign. From the initial creative meeting to the regular updates, our highly-productive get-togethers that led all the way to the final delivery. Everything came together superbly and was a great hit with the team. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the wider team has fully engaged with the strategy and is working hard to ensure its success. Thanks again for your creative input and flexible approach.”