Howdens Employee Engagement

Howdens is a quality supplier of kitchens and joinery products. With this project, though it was looking inwards rather than out, we were given the ambitious challenge of capturing our client’s ‘best kept secret’ - the Howdens culture. A culture immersed in 800+ depots across the country as well as manufacturing and office facilities.  A culture of togetherness, of supporting one another and of entrepreneurial energy. This film needed to share the story of this culture, with enormous pride, across the business. 

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Following a number of discovery and insight meetings with senior management, we understood the core purpose behind the film and had a strong sense of the culture within Howdens. We recognised the story needed to be told authentically by the people in the business, using their unscripted voices.  

So, we sat them down, off camera, and recorded simple relaxed conversations with questions like, ‘What does the Howdens culture mean to you?’ and ‘What does a typical day look like for you?’. We interviewed 12 people from across various roles and departments, and filmed them in their roles as backdrops to their commentary.  

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Then we brought all the colleagues we’d met together in a moving animation that put Howdens people at the very centre of the business. They literally became the logo. Plus, we were able to bring even more value to the project than expected. 

Throughout the process we gained a huge amount of quality content that was not only used in this film, but (to fill a need we discovered in the planning phase) was also re-purposed for recruitment films for individual roles across the business – adding to the ROI for this project. The film was really well received at the company’s annual conference and, alongside the individual recruitment films, sits as a centrepiece for and showcase of the Howdens culture both internally and externally. 

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