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GSK is a multinational, science-led pharmaceutical company which has its base right here in the UK. The business is all about combining science with consumer insight to create everyday healthcare brands that make a real difference. To do that, it needs to keep its people up to speed on latest developments and encourage continuous learning in whatever way works. Recently, we helped the brand reach its people with a brand-new, interactive and disruptive digital platform. 

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We’ve got heaps of experience when it comes to virtual broadcasts, so we put it to fantastic use for GSK, creating a multi-regional programme of online learning and development events that were all delivered remotely. Our incredible designers made sure everything was branded to GSK and their digital commerce brand, plus we added plenty of fresh energy with short sting videos. 

Everything was personalised by region to really bring the messaging home to every audience. In some countries, we ran two or three sessions over the course of a few weeks or months, so we got to see how the content was landing in the GSK community. No big surprise that it was a hit. 

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We worked together with several GSK digital partners such as Amazon, Google, Publisis and Kantar Market Research to enrich the content and increase engagement and our plan really worked. Feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive and GSK couldn’t be more complimentary about everything we created for its Digital Commerce Academy. What more could you ask for?

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