Triumph Vision & Values Launch

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is known world-wide for its show-stopping motorcycles. As the company evolves, Triumph wanted to make sure its vision and values were properly embedded across the entire business, while accurately reflecting its people, so that the journey to its 2025 vision was a seamless one.

The Triumph values are Agility, Ingenuity, Integrity and Unity. While they remained the same in name, they were given a complete makeover to better match the sleek, premium vibe that Triumph and its clientele exude. Icons were developed using the Triumph triangle logo, and the lore behind each was rejuvenated to better reflect its people and processes. With these values taking on a whole new personality, they were reintroduced at a Triumph employee conference using a powerful, adrenaline-filled animation.

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Of course, it takes more than a design refresh to ensure these values are successfully embedded in Triumph's culture. They need to be correctly cascaded and thoroughly understood by every single member, from board level right down to the newest recruit. To do this, Triumph brought our R&I team in to help.

Our Research and Insights team got to work, hosting workshops with all departments across the business. These workshops comprised of two main elements:

1) Aligning personal values under the guise of company values; this is a great way to understand the Triumph values on a more personal level and incorporate them into everyday tasks.

2) Highlighting the values from a business perspective, understanding what each one means for the business.

Doubling up as an effective teambuilding exercise, teams were formed and placed on tables donning custom tabletop graphics, specially designed to help with visualising their response to the above and unearth any business issues that need to be addressed. They would take their opinions and place them across the graphic, rating priorities and comparing it to the Triumph mission statement and each value. The data gathered from this exercise will help with streamlining processes and accelerating the success of implementing these new, exciting values.

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These insightful workshops are still ongoing, with board members and senior leaders now trained to lead these and cascade the information to their peers. The findings will be presented back to our R&I team who will present actions and solutions for Triumph to utilise going forwards. This will help shape a range of solutions, including the type of future communications crafted for Triumph employees, right down to how these values can help shape future products and innovations.

In the meantime, to ensure these values were fresh in everyone’s mind for years to come, we developed a range of brilliant assets including banners, posters and even window vinyl and floor graphics for the Triumph Headquarters to remind employees exactly what these values mean. Everything was created and delivered in-house, which is always an added bonus, because we can work together on making sure every tiny little detail is perfect.