Gowling Commonwealth Games Sponsorship Branding

International law firm, Gowling, was the first official sponsor of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games (very exciting!). Of course, the firm wanted its communications to make the most of this fantastic opportunity, especially when it came to effectively engaging clients, customers and employees. There was also the task of ensuring that its London offices were considered, with the focus for that location being on Team England.

Our first task was to make sure the Let’s Go campaign resonated with the company’s values, goals, visions, objectives and purpose. We gave Let’s Go an exciting identity, providing the visibility it needed in the build-up to the 2022 Games. With public attention usually ramping up closer to the event itself, we needed to create a big, huge, COLLOSAL impact as soon as the sponsorship was announced. That way, Gowling WLG would benefit from an immediate raised profile.

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After creating a bank of assets and a launch video, we carried out a ‘takeover’ of Birmingham New Street Station, with Gowling WLG’s brand-new ‘Let’s Go’ advertising installed throughout the complex. We also shared the new branding and messaging internally using Gowling WLG’s new internal hub – also developed and delivered by us.

The opportunity to experience the games as part of Gowling WLG’s sponsorship was then passed onto the colleagues via the hub, with everyone from partners to administration and operational staff welcomed to get involved with Gowling WLG’s CSR projects in both Birmingham and London. 

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Gowling WLG saw an immediate response to the Birmingham New Street takeover, with more enquiries and engagement thanks to the bold advertising and messaging. With additional activity planned up until, during and after the Birmingham Games, the firm is confident this strategy will continue to keep its brand at the forefront of the Games’ media coverage and public interest, creating a legacy that will ensure Gowling will be associated with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games well into the future!

The internal results have been equally positive, with a lot of engagement within the Gowling WLG hub and feedback from Gowling WLG that the branding, video and messaging had been motivational and created a buzz around their offices.

That sounds like a successful communication campaign to us!

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