Tesco Employer Value Proposition Film

Tesco is one of the most well-known supermarkets and brands in the UK, with a tagline so infamous that it regularly appears in talks around branding.

While Tesco works to offer the best for its customers, the ‘every little helps’ tagline is for its own people, too. That’s why Tesco asked us to campaign its brand-new virtual GP offering and improved employee value proposition.  

Shot from Tesco EVP Film
Behind The Scenes Shot from Tesco EVP Film

We were joined by Tesco at an offsite location as we directed and shot the main launch film. This was to be a core deliverable in the assets we provided alongside two ‘how to’ animations for all brands under the Tesco umbrella which allowed them to understand the benefits of the services, how they could access them and what real-life value it could add to their lives.  

BTS of Tesco EVP Film
Shot from Tesco EVP Film
Shot from Tesco EVP Film
BTS Shot from Tesco EVP Film

The offering itself aligns perfectly with the values we have here at DRPG in looking after our people and ensuring they have the wellbeing support they need to positively impact their day-to-day lives.   

The campaign landed with huge success amongst the Tesco team, and it even won the Best Employee Value Proposition Campaign Award at this year’s Big Talk!