Oakwrights Digital Marketing Campaign

Oakwrights is a leading oak frame building company that creates stunning, bespoke houses, outbuildings, garden rooms and more for its customers. With so much great stuff to show off online, it seemed strange that the business won little custom from its digital channels. That’s why we were called in – to increase traffic, boost interactions and generate more leads online.

The first step was clear. To overcome any existing problems and find the right digital journey for Oakwrights customers, we had to do our research. Working in partnership with our dedicated Research & Insight team, we uncovered demand for more touchpoints across Oakwrights’ digital landscape. Potential customers needed more opportunities, and greater motivation, to interact.

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Our Digital Marketing team brought in new audiences, and delivered fresh content to existing ones, through a mix of social media and paid search campaigns designed to drive traffic to both the Oakwrights website and its social media channels. We showed off some incredible builds, offered fantastic tips and plenty of inspiration for those considering an Oakwrights build.

Almost immediately, interactions lifted. An impressive 20% of web traffic now comes from Oakwrights’ refreshed social media channels. An even better 36% of site traffic came from our Google Ad campaigns, and engagement continues to grow, with over one million page engagements recorded since the campaign began.

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The cherry on top? Everyone at Oakwrights has been able to track the success in real time. Since day one, we’ve delivered results in an easy-to-manage format, giving stakeholders complete visibility of the growth we achieved, plus monthly financial returns from online activity. And the returns have been fantastic.

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