Continental 2025AD Digital Platform

The digital home of all things driverless, 2025AD is a platform for news, analysis and insights from across the world of autonomous driving (AD). It’s backed by automotive giant Continental AG and aims to grow conversation around the somewhat divisive topic of driverless tech. We joined the team to amplify that conversation.

Drawing on our full capabilities as an agency with everything from copywriting to film and video in-house, we delivered engaging content in multiple mediums. First, we designed and built a user-friendly website, then populated it with industry-leading articles, engaging videos, graphical stories, podcasts, news streams and more.

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The key to growing discussion on and around 2025AD lay in the creation of multiple levels where users from all over the world could engage. With this in mind, we developed a strategy that both pushed audiences to the website and encouraged engagement on social media.

More than engagement, we wanted controversial debate. Believe it or not, it’s actually set within the 2025AD mission statement, so we helped it grow across every channel with polls, films and bespoke graphics prompting lively discussion.

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Community management has become important (as you might imagine). We balanced increasing engagement with keeping all 2025AD platforms welcoming environments for all audiences, and saw conversation thrive.

The numbers show exactly that. Website readership has grown 116% month-on-month, individual users are increasing 156% month-on-month, and social media interactions have increased by over 3000%. 2025AD’s voice is only getting louder.

This remarkable success in community engagement and digital presence has not gone unnoticed. It has received two prestigious awards, including an Award of Distinction in Marketing Effectiveness at the Communicator Awards, highlighting the project's excellence in effectively reaching and engaging its audience, and confirming that 2025AD's voice is becoming even more influential.

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