DEWALT x McLaren Digital Marketing Campaign

Gearing up for the much anticipated ‘lights out and away we go’ moment at the 2022 Silverstone Grand Prix, DEWALT were looking to amplify its partnership with McLaren across its social channels. With a particular focus on showcasing the best of DEWALT in a McLaren environment and the ‘Tough Together’ partnership branding, we worked alongside another agency to make this happen.  

Leveraging McLaren’s fanbase of 125 million, we were tasked with building excitement for the race and celebrating key moments, as well as showing off the DEWALT products utilised by the McLaren pit crew to pique consumer interest and persuade them to choose DEWALT 

Case Study - DEWALT x McLaren - Digital Marketing Campaign - Image 2
Case Study - DEWALT x McLaren - Digital Marketing Campaign - Image 3
Case Study - DEWALT x McLaren - Digital Marketing Campaign - Image 4
Case Study - DEWALT x McLaren - Digital Marketing Campaign - Image 5
Case Study - DEWALT x McLaren - Digital Marketing Campaign - Image 6

We were also asked to promote an online competition encouraging users to interact with the DEWALT social media channels in order to win a McLaren fan bundle. This would, essentially, form the launch of our brand-awareness campaign. 

With this in mind, we needed thumb-stopping content, product showcases, knock-out copy and a holistic client journey that drove interaction, brand recognition and enhanced the pre-race excitement and anticipation. It sounds like a lot, but we love a good challenge here at DRPG! 

We pinpointed Facebook and Instagram as the two driving social media platforms for this campaign and set about creating a bespoke content calendar which built up and capitalised on both the brand partnerships and the anticipation of the Silverstone Grand Prix.

To maximise reach for this adrenaline-packed project we utilised images and specially recorded videos provided by McLaren to create a standout landing page, email campaign and social copy plus assets for distribution throughout race week. It was imperative that we harnessed an easily identifiable but uniform look, feel and tone across these three elements, and so these stand out creative assets were all created with a key focus on the shared attributes of DEWALT and McClaren as well as the fluidity of the planned user journey. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (51)
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‘Behind the scenes’ featured heavily across the campaign content; this ‘exclusive’ access all areas approach gave added value. It gave all users a unique insight to how the team works, both on and off the track. We drew key quotes and sentiments from these videos to help us curate exciting copy further down the campaign preparation process.

Balancing a key focus between the tools, Formula 1 drivers and the pit crew, we drew all these elements under the overarching theme of teamwork, of being tougher together. This worked on multiple levels; reflecting not only the teamwork required as part of Formula 1, but the teamwork between the McLaren brand and DEWALT.