2025AD is designed to act as a global hub for the general public to discuss the future of driverless vehicles and the impacts that these technologies will have on daily life. The website is owned by Continental AG, a German automotive parts manufacturer that is aiming to become a key player in the driverless tech industry.

2025AD needed a constant flow of high-quality content, including articles, videos, infographics and interactive media to provide its readers with fresh material and keep them engaged, provoking discussion and debate.


The Solution

After exploring 2025AD’s current content, we created a content plan that built on its existing topics, then took new topics and ideas to the next level. As well as creating our own heavily-researched articles and news stories that report on or introduce cutting-edge technologies to the public, we also drew on the expertise of industry figureheads, carrying out interviews and requesting guest blogs that encouraged the audience to formulate their own opinions and engage with other users on the website. As part of our content strategy, we also created a new web platform for the 2025AD website, so content could be uploaded and managed with ease.

The Results

The 2025AD website has created a unique place for the public to leave their opinions and comments, but more importantly to interact with the opinions of both experts and those who know little about autonomous driving. The website has successfully created a hub where the future of driverless technologies can be discussed, but it has also created a whole new audience for Continental when it comes to harnessing the importance of autonomous vehicles and their impact on the industry.