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Limejump is a technology platform that manages a large renewable energy network. The business reached out to us as it was concerned its brand wasn’t working hard enough or representing the real value of working with Limejump. There was only one way to find out if that was true: research.

Our Research and Insight team dove into the data and discovered something a little unexpected. We found that the relative youth of the brand, combined with the strong recognition it had built among existing and potential customers, meant a full rebrand just wasn’t needed. In fact, it would have been a poor use of budget. Instead, we saw an opportunity for a brand refresh.

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We learnt what was already working for Limejump, then dialled up the creativity to evolve the brand into something that would work even harder for its target audience. All this happened through a process of refinement. Our designers pared back the existing logo and brought it bang up to date. We created new icons to act as clear signifiers for Limejump conversation topics and products. Additionally, we introduced new colours across a range of concepts, while being careful not to deviate too far from the highly recognised and positively recalled shades.

All this was collated into new brand guidelines to ensure the changes could be introduced quickly and consistently across all Limejump assets. Taking care to achieve a seamless transition towards the refreshed brand, we delivered a bold new look without sacrificing recognition and trust. Across logo, colour, tone of voice, photography, iconography and typography, changes were made, but Limejump remained undeniably Limejump.

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The impact of the brand refresh was felt almost instantly. In the first month after launch, Limejump received greatly increased phone call leads, and on initial release of the brand, it saw well over 4,000 clickthroughs.

Even better, emotional reactions towards the brand shifted. Though many had felt positive towards Limejump even before the work, the positive perception shifted dramatically, doubling over the course of the project. Limejump wanted a brand that spoke to their target audience and generated positive interactions, and we delivered.

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