Springboard Unbreakable Charity Film

The Springboard Charity supports vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals facing barriers to employment. By helping them obtain the skills, confidence and experience needed to enter work in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry, the charity transforms lives.

It came to DRPG nearing its 30th anniversary and asked us to create a fresh awareness piece that would bring to life the transformational experience of people who have trained with Springboard and the impact it has had on their lives. This was set to launch at the charity’s annual ball, and so needed to inspire both patrons and supporters, all of whom would attend with the intention of making donations.

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With such an emotional topic to explore on film, we took the project down a mixed media route. Combining real-life film with hand-drawn animation, we were able to share the stories of Simon, Roxy and Laura-Lily in an impactful manner. Not only did viewers see the raw emotion on their faces, and hear it in their voices, they could see it brought to life through gritty portrayals of moments in their lives where they particularly struggled to cope with their situations.

Unique sound design produced breath-taking and climactic auditory dimensions that helped bring the three stories to life. Titled ‘Unbreakable’, each film showed triumph thanks to the support of Springboard and the life-changing opportunities the programme truly offers. Our approach was well received by everyone at Springboard, and there was barely a dry eye in the room at the annual charity ball. Best of all, the films and their message live on through Springboard, reaching more and more vulnerable people every day.

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