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We’ve done a lot of everything with telecoms giant BT over the years, and that includes helping the business meet its ambitious CSR goals. From 2016 to 2021, BT acted as official sponsor to Barefoot Computing, a programme that helps boost primary teachers’ subject knowledge, saves them time, and brings computing to life in the classroom. We provided all the resources needed to make a real impact with the next generation.

Fun was a major requirement for this project. Targeting primary age children and their teachers, we knew all resources needed to be accessible and exciting if they were to be embraced and enjoyed in classrooms. To make sure that all-important playfulness shone through, our Creative team got to work developing an imaginative, cohesive, look and feel that would engage both in person and online.

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Then we carried it across every single asset. From downloadable lesson plans to social media posts, web design, static images, animation, video and event assets, every resource was designed with our unique audience in mind. There were bold colours, creative designs - including illustrations, pictures produced as if they were drawn by children, and plenty more.

The campaign was wide-reaching, so we drew on expertise from across DPRG to ensure success in every area. Copywriters, designers and digital marketeers collaborated on a social media campaign to support the launch of teacher resources. Teams joined forces to create a suite of practical assets for teachers, including lesson plans, presentations and activity resources. Plus, our fantastic Digital team fully updated the BT Barefoot website to make it more accessible, and more beautiful!

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It certainly worked – the website received over 6,000 visits on the first day of the new resource campaign launch, demonstrating the effectiveness of our content strategy. By the end of 2021, we created well over 100 classroom resources for just one year of activity with Barefoot. Our success in content creation was further affirmed by our achievement of two Corporate Content Awards, recognising our excellence in content marketing. We were honoured with the awards for 'Best use of content in a social context' and 'Best use of content to a CSR audience.' Engagement, fun, and learning were the order of the day, and that’s precisely what we delivered, alongside the recognition of our industry peers.

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