Wates Brand Audit

The Wates Group is one of the biggest players in construction, development and property services in the UK. Not a business to rest on its laurels, it also has big ambitions to become the most sustainable, trusted and progressive business in the market. To do that, it needed to understand how its brand was perceived by the public. More than that, it needed to understand how to move the dial. That’s where our Research & Insights team came in.

Shot from the listening group for the Wates Brand Audit.
Wates Brand Audit

Brand audits are their bread and butter, but this one was big. Our experts investigated the Wates brand with a fine-tooth comb, looked at competitors, explored the marketplace and dove deep into all the vital topics and issues influencing brands in the same sector. And they didn’t stop once they’d done all that. They reviewed existing data, conducted interviews and surveys, embarked on a programme of digital listening, plus analysed competitors, demographics and more. A whole lot of information came out of it, but they made it all digestible for the team at Wates.

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This led to six core objectives shaping the brand's creative direction. The brand audit recommended a 'service-led' approach, an efficient communication framework, and asset enhancements. After Wates' approval, we conducted a two-day messaging workshop, developing a revised tone of voice, messaging framework, and brand hierarchy, along with a repositioned employee value proposition (EVP). We also created a comprehensive 'Brand Rule Book.' Additionally, we designed a 'Messaging House' for employee communication, focusing on the EVP's four pillars. External branding became more vibrant, while internal communication emphasised the significance of Wates' people and culture.

At the end of the process, Wates had more than valuable insight. The Wates team came away with a series of strategic recommendations, plus a comprehensive strategy designed to underpin both the brand and reputation transformation they’re so keen to achieve. Just what our team discovered had huge value, but we really believe in the power of applied insight. So that’s just what we delivered.