Redrow Lifestyle Brand Campaign

The 30 year partnership between DRPG and Redrow continues to go from strength to strength, built on a solid foundation of understanding and integration. Through this integration, Redrow fully takes advantage of all the skills and services our in-house team has to offer.

Over the years we have helped Redrow with several core campaigns and brand projects, across a wide variety of media and formats. More recently, Redrow has come to us to challenge the status quo; it wanted to ensure the Redrow brand is seen as premium. Whether this is via its owned media, paid media, paid social, earned media or directly via customer experience suites and show homes.

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At the heart of Redrow's premium offering is its standout customer service. Its external brand combined with its internal culture - dedicated, committed and positive staff - is the reason Redrow is always pushing the boundaries in the marketplace compared to its competitors.

The lifestyle approach we’ve taken on the latest campaigns has had a huge impact on how the brand is perceived. People are able to see the quality and workmanship for themselves, which then creates trust. Audiences are driven to achieve this aspirational lifestyle; we’re helping them make their dreams reality.

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With meticulous attention to detail, our photographic and cinematic content conveys the luxury and high aesthetics of Redrow. It is emotive content that inspires a reaction, which then leads to action. Our Creatives approach every campaign with vision and understand the journey of a Redrow customer, shaping a meaningful journey at every touchpoint, from billboards through to the smallest details at the showrooms.

We even helped Redrow create an identity for its signature scent – a little luxurious touch customers received in their hampers when they moved into their Redrow homes.

This dedication to excellence and innovation in employer branding has not only made a significant impact but has also earned us prestigious recognition, including the remarkable achievement of seven awards. Among them, the Gold award for 'Best use of video for the employer brand' at the Communicate Lens Awards stands as a testament to our commitment to creating exceptional content that resonates with audiences and drives meaningful engagement.

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