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DAZN is a global sports entertainment platform that does things a little differently to traditional broadcasters. It offers heart-racing live and on-demand sport streaming services across the globe for viewers to enjoy on the go.  

The platform has accomplished a lot of great things over a short time period, which is why it wanted a showcase reel of all the internal team has accomplished so far to celebrate their hard work and pump up that morale.  

HubSpot Video

Through this video, DAZN had its eyes towards the horizon, wanting to highlight the fact that if the team has been able to accomplish all of this material in a matter of months, just imagine where 2023 and 2024 will take them. 

Our brilliant animators and creative team had the challenge of producing a show-stopping showcase video that packed a punch - including all of DAZN's accomplishments into less than 120 seconds. But it wasn’t just the video that had a time limit, we were also challenged with getting it done in less than two weeks.  

Animation shot from the DAZN animation
Animation shot from the DAZN animation

We love a good challenge, so with a short deadline in place and lots of jaw-dropping points to cover, the team had to strategise on this project differently than we normally would. 

We realised that with this project, animation had to guide the creative, meaning that the creative team could make seamless edits to the video and nail the brand persona DAZN was looking for in a matter of days. 

Case Study - BT Barefoot - Image 4 (1)
Animation shot from DAZN animation
Animation shot from DAZN animation

Script-wise, we wanted to have a little fun (and we’re pretty good at doing that around here…), so we decided to link back and include sport imagery where relevant with lots of juicy sport analogies to boost that emotional edge to the animation.  

Luckily, DAZN came fully prepared with lots of juicy stats that it wanted to include, and with the video being super speedy, we needed to create something fast-paced. With that in mind, we decided to have the editing speed up as the film progressed alongside the audio. The desired effect created a hair-raising, blood-pumping, eye-widening impact - exactly what DAZN was after. 

Animation shot from DAZN animation

DAZN thought the film was a real knockout with no amends needed whatsoever! The project was shared internally at DAZN and proved to be a hit with colleagues too. The SVP of Employee Experience for DAZN said, "DRPG understood our brand almost immediately, on both a visual and a behavioural level. Very, very impressive.”

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