Blended Workforce / 4 minute read

What is a blended workforce model?

Written by Katie Perez

11 March 2021

The blended (or hybrid) workforce model is one that is made up of both remote and in-office workers. A truly hybrid workforce model is one where employees are able to work across various work sites — from remote or homeworking locations, to microsites or the more traditional office facilities. This mix of virtual and office based employees interacting and collaborating seamlessly together as a team despite geographical location, can lead to better efficiency and productivity as well as higher employee engagement and motivation rates.

While we moved to a work-from-home model in 2020 out of necessity, many employees have become used to working from home and its many conveniences. Gen Y and Millennial workers no longer see working-from-home as a perk, rather it's become a requirement. The relentless demand for talent will now make working-from-home a competitive and differentiating feature.

The hybrid workforce model is emerging as a way forward for many organisations who will be forced to juggle employees who are in the office and those who choose to remain working from home (where possible). 

New data shows that a whopping 98% of people would choose to work remotely at least part-time for the rest of their careers, post the COVID-19 pandemic. These employees will have the expectation to be able to switch locations and schedules dynamically where it makes the most sense to drive both productivity and engagement. As a result, organisations will need to break down long-held beliefs and potential myths about where and how work gets done most effectively and embrace this new model of working.

Businesses are more flexible than ever. That’s become incredibly evident over the past year where flexible working has an essential for so many companies. And that ability to adapt and accommodate a full range of employee needs, is revealing itself in not just approaches to work, but structure at work too. 

It can be strange to see how much the workplace, and our own places within it, have changed over the past few years as this trend towards a blended workforce has progressed, but it is nothing to be feared. In fact, it presents heaps of new opportunities. Check out our blog on why a blended workforce is a good thing to find out more about the benefits of embracing this model of employment.

Blended workplaces have some of the most varied skillsets, can meet practically any demand at speed and are more agile, more diverse and more responsive too. It may be a new way of working to many, but it is proving to be an incredibly effective one. 

At DRPG we are looking ahead to the future and that future looks hybrid. With this in mind we are aware of the challenges that arise when it comes to communicating with a blended workforce and are here to help. We believe that anything’s possible so, whatever your challenge, we’ll find a way to overcome it. Take a look at what we’ve already achieved, then email us at to start our journey together.