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The technology that is shaping the future of inclusive and accessible events

Written by Lydia Chenhall

30 September 2022

DRPG recently hosted its annual thought leadership event, Bigtalk, in person for the first time since 2019 at its headquarters in Hartlebury. The day, filled to the brim with insights and references to the recent Commonwealth Games, saw Creative Technologist, Nick Fagan, host the world’s first demonstration of what happens when you use the Ghost Frame and HOLOPLOT in harmony. The result?  A complete rewrite of how we plan our events and a huge win for inclusivity.

Live events are back in full swing, and they’re more exciting, more complex than ever. Today, we harness the power of hybrid and, with it, new complications and extra expense. However, with the pairing of Ghost Frame and HOLOPLOT, everything changes.

Imagine being able to talk, in real time, to delegates in multiple languages, or output audio description to those sight-impaired, in one place while only being able to hear a single one of those outputs. Now imagine if, depending on where you are in the room, the presentation appears branded to specific companies or languages. That’s exactly what Creative Technologist, Nick Fagan, demonstrated in a world-first at DRPG’s Bigtalk 2022.

RS26789_DSCF8871 (1)

At DRPG’s event of the year, Nick paired the Ghost Frame with the HOLOPLOT, leaving delegates floored at the result. He explains why this is such a pivotal invention; “Essentially, it is the coming together of technologies.

“It’s an evolution of hybrid events, that helps us manage how disparate groups come and interact together.

“It can be completely interactive, allowing deeper engagement with content, from speakers to exhibition artefacts.”

The first part of this pairing, the Ghost Frame, is an innovative, single LED wall receiving multiple inputs for different languages. While the camera can see all four, our eye can only see one. It’s a brilliant money and time saving tool for hybrid and global audiences; you could present to three different companies at one time and they’d never know the difference. With this, you only need to pay for one set up which people attending in person will see, however those joining remotely will see a complete virtual environment.

RS26654_DSCF8120 (1)It’s accomplice, the HOLOPLOT left delegates in awe during the Bigtalk demonstration. This device brings in a new era of audio. It can beamform sound, steering it to precise places, targeting down to just one individual in certain environments. For example, you could host multiple keynote speakers in several different languages, all in one area, and only those in specific spots will hear the outputted audio you wish them to hear while the people next to them would hear a completely different version. Additionally, this is a powerful tool for exhibition stands to help reduce audio coming off the stand while retaining the full experience.

At Bigtalk, Nick demonstrated three presentations for three different brands using these devices in harmony. It was a truly incredible moment, maximising the complete experience in person – an unsegregated, inclusive way of providing a controlled, targeted approach to presentations.

Not only does this provide a brilliant way to save money on conferences and meetings, instead of hiring multiple rooms for various keynotes in various languages, you have four different broadcasts with one set up at the same time and the ability to create an equal experience for attendees.

DRPG CEO, Dale Parmenter, marked the occasion an ‘honour’ and gave credit to the team. He said, “What an honour it was to produce this world-first demonstration of two ground-breaking pieces of technology.

“Here at DRPG, we take innovation as seriously as we do our creativity, so it was a pleasure to see our very own Creative Technologist Nick Fagan deliver such an impressive group of talks.

“The feedback was incredible and yet again the team proved we’re at the forefront of technological innovation – a massive well done to all those involved.”



MicrosoftTeams-image (92)The tech combo was put through its paces again when Nick took to the stage at the IMEX22 in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

DRPG partnered with Maritz Global Events to present at the show – which is the largest trade show in the USA for the global meetings, events and incentive travel industry.

Nick’s talks, which aimed to uncover what’s next for the tech industry, saw the Ghost Frame – HOLOPLOT partnership impress once more.

Nick said: “People don’t just want more from their tech. They expect it.” 

The future of events is evolving.

Will you be utilising this new, exciting technology?