Employee Engagement / 5 minute read

The power of video campaigns when engaging employees

Written by Maisie Tomlinson

15 January 2021

Having an engaged workforce is vital in attaining a high morale and can even be a key factor in the success of your company. The best way to accomplish this is through maintaining a strong level of communication throughout the business.


Video can be an excellent way to communicate with your teams. It’s more engaging and accessible than written content and works well with external audiences, meaning it is vital that we harness its power for our internal comms as well. With employee engagement, words on a page can only do so much. Sometimes, employees need to see the power of change the company is making rather than just reading about it in an email. Through this method, they’re more likely to consume what is being placed before them, especially if the video and its message is equally exciting and engaging as it is powerful.


The findings show 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video. (MWP)


How long should these videos be?

Depending on the message you’re attempting to convey, the max amount of time your video should be will differ, however, it’s important that your video gets to the point sooner rather than later. This ensures the viewer remains engaged throughout and actively consumes the messaging (while also getting the most out of their time!). Acclaim media write that engagement begins to drop after the two-minute mark due to a dwindling attention span, and that the most effective video length is between 30 seconds to two minutes. If you believe your video will be longer than this, why not cut it into a series of shorter videos and get more out of your budget?

What do I put in them?

A 30-second video doesn’t feel like a lot of time, but you’d be surprised just how much information you can pack into it. Minimising the size of your video means you must focus on the important parts, so it cuts out all that waffle that is going to cause your employees to switch off. Try to avoid including information that they’re bound to already know or isn’t relevant. Give them something new, exciting and interesting and they’ll soak it up.


A total 66% of video advertisements were just 30-seconds long in Q3 of 2019. (ExtremeReach)


Can’t I just talk to my employees in person?

Using video for your internal comms, and even in areas such as employee training, means greater flexibility. Going live or sending out long (boring) emails can be very time-consuming during the working day and your key messaging can be easily forgotten – especially if your viewers are worried about completing tasks, meeting deadlines and attending important meetings straight after. By sending out videos, employees can watch at a time that suits them best, removing the feeling that they’re wasting time spending too long reading or listening when they should be working. Watching a 30 second clip will most likely be seen as a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the workplace – without the guilt!


Making the most out of your budget

Worried about the cost of a video campaign? No need! One of the best ways to keep internal audiences engaged in comms is to make them part of the campaign itself. Creating an action-packed video featuring all the key messaging for your internal audience can be a great marketing tool for external audiences too. If your employees are getting excited about the videos you’re putting out and the messaging within them, they’re more likely, if allowed, to share these on their social media too. In the process of doing this, your external audience are seeing an engaged workforce who are excited about the company they work for. In a world now focused on brand values and action, future clients and consumers are more likely to engage with a brand where employees are having a positive experience, rather than one with an unengaged, unhappy workforce.


A total of 92% of marketers agree that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. (Hubspot)


The power video holds in engaging your employees is a vital tool that we should be taking full advantage of in this digital age. Not only does it save time and money, it is also an efficient way to start a conversation throughout the business and bring employees together.


If you’re looking to create a video campaign to boost employee engagement, give us a call on 0844 682 5989 or email us at anythingspossible@drpgroup.com. In the meantime, check our blog on why it’s important to focus on employee engagement in the workplace or check out some of the other methods to help you increase you employee engagement levels.