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How to increase brand awareness by thinking outside the box

Written by Lydia Chenhall

28 May 2021

Scanning the news headlines each morning can make for some grim reading, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across an article that brought a smile to my face and if i'm honest made me chuckle.

In the unassuming village of West Allotment in North Tyneside, a local convenience store has made quite a stir and certainly developed brand awareness for his business. Jel Singh Nagra the owner of said convenience store has gathered a lot of media attention. Having previously named his shop Singhsbury's, before supermarket giant Sainsbury's contacted him to threaten legal action if he did not change his name. It is this recent name change that has caught the eye of the media. After sometime without a name and some encouragement from his customers Mr Nagra has rebranded his store "Morrisinghs".


Where Sainsbury's had sought to protect their brand image, it appears their supermarket counterpart, Morrisons view imitation as a form of flattery. With a spokesperson from Morrisons claiming they "did not mind ... Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well".

I see this as a marketing win on two fronts. Mr Nagra garnered nationwide publicity for his local convenience store, ironically highlighting the plight independant stores face against national chains. Whilst Morrisons have not only achieved national press, they may also have won favour with joe public for their down to earth response.

Here are 3 of the best outside of the box brand awareness campaigns I have seen in the last couple of years:

Domino's - Wedding list:

Dominos wedding registry.jpg

Domino's have created the perfect wedding gift list for couples about to tie the knot that just don't like cooking. Create a wedding list filled with your favourite pizzas, to ensure you can eat Domino's and think of your special day long after the event has taken place.

David Lloyd & Dreams - Napercise:

David Lloyd Napercise.jpg

David Lloyd have teamed up with Dreams to create a fitness class that I for one will definitely be signing up for. Their Napercise classes are targeted towards busy parents who may be missing out on some much needed shut eye. And it has certainly raised a few eyebrows

Nescafe - The Hello Bench

Nescafe Hello bench.jpg

Nescafe have combined the power of experience with the virality and reach of social media in a bid to bring people together through their coffee.


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