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OWB and DRPG hold their first-ever Comms Crowd event

Written by Mitch Perry

26 April 2024

On 23 April, OWB and DRPG held the first Comms Crowd event at Studios 212. It was an electrifying day for our OWB clients, as they experienced their first-ever visit around Studios 212, DRPG’s HQ in the heart of Worcestershire. Here, they engaged in workshops, strategic discussions and networking opportunities; with a few laughs along the way. Some of our departmental leaders led expert sessions on what it takes to transform a vision and get the very best out of their brand. Here’s what they got up to:

Mitch Perry and Richard Preedy engaged the creative den with a session on Brand Blueprint. This was designed to help you understand how to supercharge your brand's values and essence, utilising your personality, messaging and target audience. They discussed brilliant and effective examples of where brands have done it well, and how you can apply that to your own. They unpacked the ‘why’ behind brand excellence and made it possible.

James Nam delivered the Bits & Bytes Bootcamp, which empowered the guests to master the new language of digital; and enable them to leverage digital strategies for effective communication in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing. He took them through the latest AI, VR and AR, and all other extensions of reality that sit at the cutting edge of innovative comms. Participants of the Bootcamp emerged equipped with a newfound fluency in the language of digital communication, empowered to wield technology as a transformative force in their marketing strategies.

Peter Brogan and Dickie Stagg brought their A-game with an Insights and Strategy presentation, which emphasised the importance of ‘truth’ in marketing communications. They highlighted how insights create 'aha' moments, serving as a powerful force for change and competitiveness; emphasizing the necessity of both insights and strategy for a creative approach, as insights provide evidence to support strategic development, leading to effective creativity in marketing communications.

Peter Brogan and Dickie Stagg deliver workshop on strategy and insights

Neil Gregory delved into the power of creative film in comms campaigns, dispelling the myth surrounding storytelling as a buzzword. He thrilled guests with the story of Perseus and Medusa, that illustrated how storytelling triggers emotional responses such as the release of dopamine and endorphins. He went on to explain that storytelling in comms engages more areas of the brain compared to presenting facts alone, leading to better retention. OWB and DRPG create story-led visions and empower others to do the same, because we know that the best marketing is underpinned with brilliant storytelling.

Shari Bryan, Operations Director at OWB had this to say: “It was such an amazing day for our clients, many of whom were absolutely blown away by the knowledge and creativity at DRPG. So, I’d like to give a massive thank you to those attendees, we’re so thankful you enjoyed the day – we’ve had some amazing feedback. And I’d like to thank all those at DRPG for the huge amount of effort that you put into making it such a special day. Looking forward to the next one!

Andy Wilkinson, Managing Director at OWB, was equally thrilled: “JUST MEGA! What a fab day! The sense of intrigue, interest and engagement that was sparked with our guests was incredible. The tour was just perfect from start to finish and the conversations sparked can-do creativity.”

Comms Crowd peopleFor those experiencing FOMO, fret not, but don’t wait! Get in touch with our experts at OWB and DRPG! And keep your eyes peeled for the next Comms Crowd event.