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How virtual events can increase employee engagement in your organisation

Written by Lydia Chenhall

15 January 2021

With large gatherings currently banned, it can seem like one of the best channels for communicating with your internal team on a large scale may have gone. However, there is hope! Virtual events are an equally great way to talk to large groups of employees and offer new capabilities, as these experiences can be truly interactive. No more boring PowerPoint presentations with this solution. Instead, it offers real, engaging content that allows delegates to be participants and not just spectators. 

Here at DRPG, we’ve made the most out of a disappointing year for the events industry by offering virtual and hybrid solutions in place of physical events. Events have always been a great way for the workplace to come together and celebrate their successes throughout the year, and they’re vital for keeping morale and engagement high. By continuing with this during such a difficult year, you’re actively celebrating your employees, showing them that they’re valued and, most importantly, continuing to create positive memories together as a team.


Only 48% of employees in the UK feel engaged at work. (Qualtrics)


Staying connected

While we’re sure that everyone is itching to get back to normality and party the night away with colleagues, it may sadly be a while before we’re allowed to do this. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and other video conference tools, we’re still able to connect with each other during these virtual events with the added bonus of staying warm, cosy and not very far from bed when the gin kicks in (no hour-long wait for a taxi in the cold – woo!). It’s hard to feel engaged and connected while working from home, so hosting virtual events is the perfect solution for this.


There’s no ‘I’ in team!

Continuing with the above, one of the main benefits of a virtual event is that employees are able to connect not just with each other, but with the senior leadership team too. On top of this, a virtual event can also include team building exercises in the itinerary to really bring everyone together and aid in the improvement of skillsets, communication, morale and motivation – just to name a few! Combined, this breaks down the old-fashioned workplace hierarchy and segregation of areas within the company, paving the way for a modern, open team.


A total 69% of managers feel uncomfortable communicating with employees in general. (Ragan)


Look at all those branding opportunities!

Events tend to have a lot of company branding, messaging and overall culture plastered throughout. Virtual can do that tenfold. Branded virtual rooms, talks from senior leaders, video campaigns for internal and external audiences… the list is endless! Virtual events are a great way for employees to really get familiar with brand messaging and culture, especially when the majority of us have been working remotely and have been away from the heart of the company for a prolonged period. In a time of disconnect and, in some cases, reinvention, being reminded of the brand values can be incredibly handy – especially for any new starters!


A total 20% of attendees view virtual events on-demand. (Intrado)


Just replay that last part again

Going virtual means that no one misses out! Not everyone can attend events in person; this way, you’re able to reach more of your team. By publishing a recording of your event on an on-demand platform once the event has ended, anyone who missed it will be able to watch it in their own time. While they won’t be able to enjoy some of the live features, such as conversing with other colleagues in real time, asking questions to any panels or taking part in quizzes, this may actually be a good thing, encouraging more to attend future events so that they don’t miss out on any of the fun again.

More for your money

By going virtual with your event, you instantly have a lot of high-quality video content available to reuse for future comms. If the cost of a virtual event is something that is causing hesitation, just think of all the factors towards your return of investment: readily available video content, comms, an increased sense of togetherness and increased employee engagement, just to name a few…


Virtual events are the solution for bringing employees together during a time of deep disconnect. With employees throughout the company getting involved, whether in video campaigns, fun games or insightful talks, employee engagement is at the forefront of this, with no employee left behind. Check out some of our blogs on virtual events: 6 reasons to host a virtual event and What are the Benefits of Virtual Events?


Looking for a virtual event designed to convey your brand ethos and boost employee engagement? We’ve got you covered. Call us on 0844 682 5989 or email us at anythingspossible@drpgroup.com and together we’ll create a bespoke virtual event that your employees won’t want to miss. In the meantime check out what other solutions we have up our sleeves to help you increase your employee engagement levels.