Brand Awareness / 6 minute read

How to choose the best digital marketing channels for brand awareness

Written by Stephen Hartman

2 July 2021

We have chatted in a previous blog about some of the different digital marketing tools available to help you increase your brand awareness, but there isn’t one magic digital marketing channel that will increase your brand awareness. It’s important to adopt the right mix of a multiple of different channels, they work better in tandem than alone. You’ll want to use most, if not all of them to successfully achieve brand awareness. 

To determine the right mix for your company, follow these six steps: 


1. Clearly define your goals 

Although your main goal is brand awareness, you need to set secondary goals to help achieve brand awareness. You may want to consider goals such as:  

  • Increase website traffic  
  • Product promotion  
  • Build brand affinity and improve reputation  
  • Become a thought leader  
  • Increase sign-ups, purchases, or leads  

To achieve these goals, channels such as PPC and SEO will help you increase the volume of people learning about your brand.  


2. Do audience research 

Brand awareness campaigns aren’t one size fits all, every brand has a distinct audience they need to reach. The channels you focus your time and money on should directly relate to how your audience spends their time online, and how they make their purchasing decisions. Use audience research to understand your customer’s online habits and the channels they use the most in learning about brands and deciding which ones to engage with. Create audience persona’s that represent your ideal audience, this will help you to not only monetise your online presence and develop better content, but also  help you determine where your audience spends their time and their online habits.  


3. Consider your budget 

You have to keep your choices within the budget you have. PPC and social media advertising can get costly, but they can also drive faster results. Strategies like SEO, social media marketing, and PR cost less, but you’ll still need to pay for the time the professionals you hire spend executing them. Carefully consider your budget and weigh how the costs of different marketing channels relate to your objectives. 


4. Create a strategy 

Implementing a good marketing strategy will aid in increasing brand awareness. It will help you decide which digital marketing channels to focus on, how you’re going to use them and how they all interlink to support your overall marketing plans.  


5. Track results and refine your strategy 

Your marketing strategy will be constantly changing. The choices you make on day one of your brand awareness strategy, won’t be the choices you make on day one hundred. Some digital marketing channels will work, some digital marketing channels will not work. It’s important to continually track your results and refine your strategy using the information you have collected.  


6. Find your brand awareness marketing mix 

Every digital marketing channel has its unique strengths. To determine how well each one will pay off for your brand, you have to dive in and get started. Figuring out the right mix isn’t easy, so don’t be surprised if you have a hard time knowing where to start, however once you have started you will gather valuable knowledge and data to inform your decisions going forward.  


Choosing the right digital marketing channels to increase your brand awareness is integral, however, it’s not a quick fix. It will take time to get the perfect balance that will increase the amount of people aware of your brand. If this is something you would like some help on why not get in touch with our digital marketing experts who form part of our wider Campaign team, and have a chat about your aims. Drop us a line at and we will help you choose and implement the best channels for you.