Employee Experience / 4 minute read

Employee experience: the audience view

Written by Philip Brown

16 April 2021

It has certainly been a strange 18 months. Alongside the usual work stresses, we’ve had to stay home, home school and distance ourselves from others. If you haven’t found the last year or so challenging, then you are in the minority. 

Are we doing well? 

In our latest whitepaper, Workplace experience: How an evolving focus on wellbeing is transforming employer value proposition, we asked 103 professionals across the globe for their views on employee experience and wellbeing, before our Research and Insights team analysed the findings and discussed the results. What we found is intriguing, especially considering the current global status quo. 

What’s in the whitepaper? 

We’ve covered quite a lot of focus areas, but we’ve mainly looked at wellbeing, employment, engagement and diversity. Alongside data from recent studies from the likes of Deloitte, we also present our own results from a comprehensive wellbeing survey of European and North American professionalsDrawing on the conversations with and feedback from these professionals, we present some intriguing figures that highlight just how important wellbeing is at this critical time. 

What can organisations learn? 

Alongside these statistics, we’ve also created a detailed overview of the ‘hero topics’ that are being discussed most frequently. These topics should be on every manager’s watchlist, and of course at the heart of every conversation at board level.  

With mental health challenges, unemployment and working from home all at the forefront of our daily lives, our results offer a detailed insight into the wellbeing conversations happening in varied walks of life. You may find some figures that could influence your employee wellbeing strategy, or statistics that can be used in your organisation’s internal communications. 

What’s next? 

Using our statistics and our experience of future forecasting, we’ve analysed the figures and signposted some potential outcomes and watch-outs in a post-Covid world. These valuable insights will help managers understand how our expectations of wellbeing at work have changed and how our private/ work lives have been somewhat blurred thanks to forced home working. The real question now is how organisations will respond to new expectations – a question we explore in depth in the whitepaper. 

How do I access the whitepaper? 

Click the link below to register and download - it’s as easy as that. You may want to check out our other recent whitepapers too, packed with research and insights into topics like diversity and inclusion and reward and recognition.Check out our latest Whitepaper