Employee Engagement / 4 minute read

Employee engagement: what does good look like?

Written by Maisie Tomlinson

8 January 2021

In our blogwhat is employee engagementwe took a look at the definition of employee engagement and how it plays a vital role in an organisation’s success and overall health. Here, we take a look at what being engaged means to you and what good looks like.  

First thing's first: employee engagement is the understanding an employee has about the goals and visions of the company they work for, and the emotional commitment or alignment that the employee has to their company.

Being engaged at work is like having a superpower. You're motivated, focused, and able to do your best work because you have the right environment to support you. When we measure engagement, we’re looking at your total relationship with the workplace - how you feel about your job, it's impact on your life, your growth, teammates, and more.  

Engagement is about your relationship with your workplace and it means different things to everyone. As such, we look at it as the sum of its parts:  

  • Its role fit and job satisfaction  
  • It's a manager leading the way  
  • It's work-life balance  
  • It's the future of your career  
  • It's feeling safe to share ideas 

Maybe for you it's also about those free doughnuts in the break-room, or never missing a football game, or a commute that doesn't drive you nuts. If it matters to you, your company wants to know about it! 

Whatever employee engagement means to you personally, there’s no denying that it should be a company-wide concept. The benefits are well-documented and varied, and the methods are simple. Now’s the time to take a long, hard look at your organisation and your workforce and see if there is more you could do to boost your employee engagement levels.