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DRPG's Approach to Celebrating Differences on International Women's Day

Written by Dale Parmenter

8 March 2024

As International Women’s Day comes around again, it reminds us all how vital it is we embrace equality, inclusion, and fairness for all, whoever you are and wherever you’re from. It is important to celebrate and recognise our differences as that is what makes us, as humans, so interesting and diverse. 

At DRPG the belief I have always held is regardless of differences, we should all have the same opportunities. If we promote Equality and Inclusion then the result will be Diversity (I + E = D). This principle has been held by us for the last 44 years and has meant that our pay gap between genders has always been insignificant. We look at the abilities and skills individuals hold to do their job, no matter their background, gender, or beliefs.

As a team and organisation, our purpose is to make positive differences for our clients, people and community and we achieve that by having a rich team of people with different views, backgrounds, and attitudes. The breadth of ideas that come together is what enables us to offer creative solutions and ideas that bring strong results to our clients.

It hasn’t been easy to get there but a focus for us has been creating a safe and collaborative environment where every voice is heard and every voice can contribute. We encourage open feedback from all team members, no matter their role, and we know that this is powerful and liberating for our employees.

We are not yet at a point where we have real equality and inclusion but we will continue to create an environment and space for our team members, clients and community that allows us to celebrate our differences and as our Head of People, Alicia Wilson says “Success should be an inspiration to all and we all have a part to play in making the society we live in a better place for everybody, not limited by characteristics.” 

Happy International Women’s Day.

Image Caption: From left to right, DRPG's Head of Stage & Scenic Becky Cubbit, Senior Exhibition Manager Abby Gannon and Project Manager Laura Riley leading the team for a client project.