Diversity & Inclusion / 2 minute read

Diversity and Inclusion Report

Written by Katie Perez

17 March 2021

We teamed up with Diversity Ally to produce this vlog, discussing some of the key topics around Diversity and inclusion in the Workplace. This is a topic we have discussed in several blogs previously including Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace How Diversity and Inclusion Can Affect Sales and How Diversity and Inclusion has an Affect on Employee Engagement. To find out more about this subject please head to our blog. To watch the video please click below.

Click here to watch our vlog on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 

As part of our research into the impact of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace we ran a short survey and questions across our social media channels. We wanted your insights and opinions to help us delve into how people feel their organisations deal with the topic. We have collated the results in a short report. Click here to access the: D&I in the Workplace Report