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Brad Pitt’s face and the A.I. conundrum

Written by Tommy Moore

26 October 2023

Fancy having Brad Pitt as the face of your next campaign without having to the spend megabucks?  

Generative A.I is allowing us to access new levels of creativity, without as many roadblocks along the way.

What is Generative A.I?

Generative A.I is pretty cool. While it won’t quite help you become the next James Bond, it can make you look like him, right in the thick of the action - a bit like Mr Pitt currently pretending to be a Formula One driver, but with a lot less work involved! That’s because this handy tech can be used to rustle up various types of content, including impressive copy, snazzy imagery, crisp audio (which can include realistic song covers by your favourite celebs) and even synthetic data with just a few prompts.

The creative possibilities are endless, but only if you know how to use it…

How Creative Agencies Can Leverage AI

Have a tight deadline that’s causing a little creative performance anxiety? Well, worry no more, because A.I can help you generate lots of initial ideas with the right prompts. You can create initial images, copy, sounds and more to help really visualise and sell the idea to clients, before you get the humans to do what they do best to turn it into a fine-free reality.

It’s also makes things a lot more inclusive, as generative A.I allows those with impairments to still manifest good ideas via the power of description, as well as getting things done even faster in the process.

But not only that, the power of A.I. is incredibly helpful when it comes to generating content and campaigns on a global scale, as it can help generate the right words as well as phrases of national trends to help you make sure your messaging resonates with your desired audience (without awkward translation blunders!).

Why aren’t agencies moving over to AI faster?

With all this great stuff, you might be asking yourself, why isn’t everyone using it? Well, there’s still plenty of setbacks. Especially when it comes to legalities and ethics.

pexels-tara-winstead-8386365For example, the ideas generated using AI can never be owned – it is simply there to help you generate them. This is because AI takes fragments from all over the web (sadly ignoring copyright and ownership) to generate these handy ideas and bits of media.

For example, if you’re after a handsome man or beautiful woman to be the face of your next campaign, the platform may generate someone with an extreme likeness of Brad Pitt or Shakira. And then, if you do wish to use those images, you could face fines for using the likeness of a celebrity without a contract – it’s all very headache-inducing.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Did you know that Chat GPT was, at one point, illegal in Italy? Italy became the first Western country to block the advanced chatbot due to privacy concerns raised by the Italian data protection authority – and they’re not wrong to question this. It’s important to keep an eye on the stance each country holds when it comes to A.I use, because if you’re planning a global campaign then you’re going to have to make sure any of the elements haven’t been touched by A.I if they’re going to be deployed in countries with restrictions, or you could face grave consequences… Praise the lord for a good old-fashioned copywriter and designer!

In the same breadth, the question surrounding the safety of data is a huge one, and already human error has caused big data breaches. Just look at Samsung! What happens to our images that we submit to be generated into epic superheroes? What about the data submitted to Chat CPT? Or even when we submit sound clips of our voices? How can we promise our high standards of security with this? These are all tricky questions that must be taken into account when using A.I to answer briefs.

So, while A.I is a superbly handy tool that will make our lives a whole lot easier, and help us come up with some cracking ideas in the process, it will not be replacing us humans. It still needs the experts and that human touch to make it work properly and help your next campaign prosper.

But back to the topic of Brad Pitt’s face. Realistically you can generate the Hollywood A-lister endorsing your products thanks to the mighty AI, but it’ll come with plenty of talk (good and bad) and plenty of fines and headaches, too. 

Looking for help navigating the beast that is AI? Get in touch with one of our experts for a good old-fashioned chat.