Artificial Intelligence / 3 minute read

AI the Educator

Written by Elaine Voss

20 November 2023

Want all the benefits of a leading coach without the blithering drawbacks? With Generative AI you can get a bespoke coach today. 

But wait…

What is an AI coach? Well, it’s not a means of upping your fantasy football team. Many of you will be familiar with Siri and some with ChatGPT. AI coaches as the next big step, the evolvement of the two technologies. It is an implementation to your internal systems that will revolutionise the way you work and learn. 

AI support has been around for as long as the internet started, in fact before, and that’s a whole age! But unlike last century’s chess Bot or last decade’s chatbot, the latest in this software is generative, which means an unprecedented level of understanding using deep learning. This AI support will understand you. 

So, how does this compare to human coaching?  

Well, human interaction is always going to be the most personal approach to communication, but AI can emulate empathy through machine learning and further through data-based training called deep learning. The generative element enables natural language processing, which means AI can be conversational and personable. The more human it is, the more engaged people are and the more we can make an impact. 

However, unlike humans, that personality will not faulter. AI is not subject to chaos brain chemistry or cheeky workday hangovers. There’s never a bad day with AI, so don’t feel pressed to ask the silly questions; it will not judge you. The smile is hardcoded. And happy smiles and good attitude spread like wildfire. If you make singular person’s day better, you can make everyone’s working day better.  

And what about the human coaches? 

It won’t leave them behind. AI coachers require attention from specialists and experienced coaches. So, when convenient, the human coach can update the AI to curate and develop the best and newest training styles. And now your resources are better utilised. It’s not a replacement, it’s a tool, which human coaches can utilise to supercharge their work.  


AI-Ep3-SmilingPeopleAroundDeskAI coaches are programmable, personalised, and personable. What more could you want? Well, there’s so much more… 

AI is never late to the party, where unfortunately many humans are. In the real world, you can’t get someone to be everywhere at once, it’s just not practical. But AI coaches are always on and always present. Its 24/7, or ‘asynchronous’ for the boffins. It can be mobile and remote, linked back to your server, giving you global access and on-the-go. You will be brought to speed and going beyond, anytime and anywhere. 

That is without mentioning the cost benefits you will be saving on. Think travel expenses, food, and salaries that a human requires. Artificial intelligence won’t be getting a mortgage or planning a holiday anytime soon. 

How often have you struggled to sit through (or dare we say, stay awake) during a long training day? Some of us can manage it, others not so much. We’re not all the same. But with the personalisation of AI, we can keep everyone motivated for longer. This extends to accessibility. AI can help with neurodiversity and retention, delivering personalised training to the individual. It can be augmented or supported, but most importantly, it’s knowledge for all, done easier and better.

Like the adoption of email, AI Coaching is coming to revolutionise and stay. Business will forever be changed (for the better), so the quicker you learn and adapt, the quicker you will progress and profit. So, get chatty with chatbots. Or get chatty with us, and we can help you build your own!