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6 reasons to host a virtual event

Written by Katie Perez

29 September 2020

It’s undeniable that there’s something special about attending an event in person. But, as we’ve learned recently, that’s not always possible. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we have to be locked out of the excitement, networking opportunities and community feel that live events create so brilliantly. 

Instead, we can move the whole experience, and everything that goes along with it, online. In the past year, plenty of in-person meetings have been re-imagined as online events and, with the right preparation behind the scenes, the experience for delegates has been overwhelmingly positive.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, virtual events have been thriving – Forbes even suggests that the demand is up by close to 1000%And that’s not only down to the fact that we simply couldn’t attend live events for such a long time in 2020.


Businesses and brands need to communicate with large audiences in order to effectively share any message. Events, whether in person or virtual, offer the perfect opportunity to do just that while creating unique experiences which help delegates, and potential customers, to form a strong relationship with your brand and share enthusiasm for your business far and wide.

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)-1Though we might have come into 2020 thinking of virtual events as the second-best option or, at best, an alternative to the real thing, now we know that virtual events have real power over people. To show just how events conducted online can work for you and your business, we’ve put together a list of 6 reasons for going virtual: 


Welcome delegates from all over the world 

Co-ordinating a live event which welcomes delegates from all over the world is an incredibly complex task. Organising a virtual one with attendees from various countries, in different time zones and with an increasing array of travel restrictions, is far simpler. Thanks to the fact that most of us now have access to high-speed internetcan easily connect to live video broadcasts and navigate more complex virtual worlds with relative ease, virtual events are able to welcome visitors from across the globe and keep them engaged on arrival. Adapting to overcome language barriers is also more straightforward virtually thanks to increasing options for translation. 


Get more for your money 

Communications, in any form, should always be looked at as an investment and we know that when companies fail to do just that, the negative knock-on effects are often seen in other areas of the business. Talking about cost, then, is a little counter-intuitive but it is a definite bonus when it comes to going virtual. With no live venue, potentially exorbitant travel costs and all the last-minute outgoings which seem to crop up with even the best organisation, events hosted virtually offer more for your money. Online, were able to create immersive worlds which could be prohibitively expensive to create in a physical space and smaller teams are required to launch a broadcast than would be needed in the organisation of a live conference tooIt’s certainly worth thinking about. 


Make life easy for your visitors 

Now that almost half of us are working from home and have become more cautious about spending time in crowded spaces, virtual events are a considerate option, and one which may come with higher attendance. It’s important to remember that, for most of your audience at least, the digital space is one in which they already feel comfortable. Most are used to watching on-demand video and connect with friends, family and colleagues over Zoom or Skype. So a live broadcast or more interactive virtual event will put them at ease – events like this are now more familiar than they’ve ever been. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out with a little help from us! 


Save on travel 

We’ve already mentioned travel, but the cost of getting delegates from their homes to your event deserves another look. When organising a live event, it’s a huge factor to take into account – do you need to organise travel for delegates? Will you run shuttles from the closest public transport hubs? Are you paying your own event staff’s travel expenses too? All this adds up and contributes to the number of people you’ll have in attendance as well, but with a virtual event, all the problems which come with travel (and the expense of itfade away. 


Make your event sustainable 

Phrases like sustainability, eco-friendly and climate crisis have all become a regular part of our vocabulary over the past year or so and now we’re more environmentally aware than ever. Sustainability matters to businesses and customers alike  studies show that half of us would soon ditch a brand who fail to live up to our own eco expectations. Going virtual could be the best way to show your delegates that sustainability is at the top of your agenda. By removing the need to travel, to kit out an event space, to print on-site information, even bring in food and drink suppliers, you reduce your impact on the environment and show your audience you care. 


Show off with virtual events!

A virtual event needn’t be anything short of spectacular. Take the opportunity to show your audience that you are moving with the times, looking to the future and, most of all, can excel in even the most difficult times. To make sure your virtual event wows, DRPG is here to help. We’re used to delivering events on every scale and know how to create immersive experiences on the full range from broadcasts, live streams and virtual exhibitions right through to fully virtual worlds for your delegates to explore. Our multi-studio complex in Hartlebury is the perfect place to produce high quality content for your event and our in-house team of creatives and technical specialists can meet any need. We believe that anything’s possible – reach out today to see what we can achieve together.