Employee Engagement / 8 minute read

6 methods to help you better engage your employees

Written by Katie Perez

14 January 2021

Weve discussed what employee engagement iswhat good looks like and why you should be focussing on itWe’ve also looked at the myriad of benefits that effective employee engagement strategies can have on your business and on your business productivity. Its safe to say that the cost of not focussing on employee engagement is much higher than the cost of implementing a strategy. But what should you be doing to increase your employee engagement levels? 


As a creative communications agency, we are all about providing solutions to problems that organisations face, so here’s just some of the simple solutions you can implement into your business to help boost engagement and reap the rewards: 



The first step in understanding how to best engage your employees means really knowing them. It can be easy to assume that we know what our internal audiences want, what their concerns, pain points or challenges are, but often we are off the mark or out of date. An in-depth internal audit can be a fantastic step in the right direction, allowing you to arm yourself with the correct, data driven insights to provide accurate and effective solutions. Here’s a bit more about how research and insights can help you to engage employees: How research and insights can help you increase employee engagement.


Effective Communications Campaigns 

Any employee engagement strategy should be underpinned by excellent and strategic comms. Implementing an effective internal comms strategy can make all the difference between a team thats fully engaged, working hard, united for one purpose and a disparate workforce, working in siloes at a reduced rate of efficiency. A team that is well communicated with will feel significantly increased levels of engagement. Here’s how to do it: How to use a comms campaign to increase employee engagement.


Video Campaigns 

Video is a hugely powerful tool in the communicators armoury and can be used to great effect when it comes to employee engagementFrom user generated content and getting your team members involved to storytelling campaigns, video and motion graphics can be a great way to help you communicate with your team and address difficult topics such as mental health, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. To find out how you can use film to increase employee engagement, read our blog: The power of video campaigns when engaging employees.



In the past, large live events have been a staple of the employee engagement calendar, a chance for teams to come together to celebrate, review and look forward. From team development exercises to internal awards ceremonies, events both live and virtual, play a huge role in engaging teams and can make all the difference when it comes to bringing employees together. Find out more here: How virtual events can increase employee engagement in your organisation.


Reward and Recognition 

It’s easy to understand how reward and recognition programmes play their part in employee engagement. While financial gain is important, personalised recognition programmes such as incentive travel initiatives can be a hugely powerful tool when it comes to motivating a team and keeping them engaged. Here is some more information on how you can use reward and recognition to help increase employee engagement: How to engage employees through reward and recognition.


Digital solutions 

As mentioned above, comms plays a huge role in employee wellbeing. A big part of effective internal communications comes from the methods used to send out messaging. Investment in digital communications solutions such as employee apps cabe a great way to help boost employee engagement, giving people a great platform to communicate with each other, share company news and updates and feedback their views. Here's how you can use employee apps to help boost engagement levels: Using employee apps to increase employee engagement.


By implementing just one of our proposed solutions, whether it be an exciting reward and recognition programme to boost morale, or simply through better internal comms to boost communication throughout the companyensuring employee engagement is high, and remains this way, will transform your workplace into a well-oiled machine where employees are both satisfied with and excited to work for. 


Looking to host a bespoke virtual event or wanting to refresh your internal comms and boost your employee engagement levels through film or digital solutions? Drop us an email us at anythingspossible@drpgroup.com