Market Research


Ever wondered what people ‘really’ think about your brand, your internal comms or your competitors?  

Our team will uncover all the things you need to know (short of having a crystal ball) so you can thrive. 

Without research, you’re just guessing. Sometimes you get it right, but why not let our R&I team get out their microscopes and see what’s really going on? A unique mix of industry insight, strategic thinking and cool creativity puts our award-winning team of research, data and insight professionals in the perfect position to provide consultancy that drives results. The team combines creative thinking with robust data analysis, market trend audit, audience identification, digital listening tools and more to give you a 360° view on your brand, your audience and the competition.

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What we do

Persona Development

Personas (sometimes referred to as marketing personas) are representations of your customers or internal teams. They provide the narratives your brand wants to embody and help your people relate what they do to real humans. Having a deep understanding of persona(s) is critical to driving content creation, product development, operational decision making...  really anything that relates to customer or staffing acquisition and retention.  

Market Segmentation

Modern marketing is personal. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Custom messaging for different customer groups is booming in the world of marketing right now and the reason why isn’t hard to uncover. It’s soaring in popularity because it works. When businesses leverage customer data and conduct the type of in-depth market research we specialise in, creating strategies for different customer groups becomes simple. So does tapping into new audiences. Market segmentation offers businesses the opportunity to reach existing and potential customers in ways that inspire action, because different strategies can be applied to different market segments. Demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, behavioural segmentation, even generational segmentation, it all gives you more insight into your customers and new routes to reach audiences that are eager to engage with your business.

Interviews and Focus Groups

In-depth interviews or focus groups form a core part of our market segmentation strategy, because it’s in these sessions that our researchers get to know your audiences and draw out their all-important insights. Our research methods are broad and varied, but talking to a specific audience group that aligns with your goals is the very best form of data collection.  

Internal and External Market Surveys

We’re flexible when it comes to surveys. Maybe not as flexible as, say, a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, but we’ll adapt our approach to suit you all the same. There are numerous approaches we can take to internal or external survey design and deployment. We use Qualtrics to conduct internal client surveys and our panel partner FON to conduct market surveys.  

We design market surveys using an ‘outside in' approach, looking at the data available outside of your organisation to understand attitudes and behaviours of your current and attainable audience (those are the people that aren’t customers... yet). The questions we'll ask depend on the project objective, but they’ll be along the lines of, ''How likely are you to purchase an electric car in the next three months?''  

We can also build internal surveys using a DRPG platform (market leading Qualtrics) to design, build, test and deploy. We would deploy the survey internally on a particular subject to meet client needs and give us all that juicy insight to input in any project. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSATs)

CSATs are a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectations. Customers play an important role and are essential in keeping a product or service relevant; it is, therefore, in the best interest of the business to ensure customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. We can run ongoing pulse surveys or regular deep dives to dig into the numbers and find out how your customers really feel. 

Online Diaries

No, we won’t go snooping in that book you keep locked up. With online diaries, we collect feedback around the product/service or channel use via online mediums, which then inform our conversations in focus groups or in-depth interviews. Online diaries, part of netnography methodology (in its simplest form – it’s online ethnography research), are the best way to capture real-time consumer sentiments, as well as product and service usage motivators and barriers. Best of all, they show us how well any product or service fits into consumers’ day to day lives, and who wouldn’t want to know that? 

Digital Listening

Digital listening is exactly what you think it is. We pop on our metaphorical scuba gear and deep dive into what’s being said about your brand. An AI powered series of platforms give our analysts specific brand insight around audiences, their sentiments towards the brand, likely future trends and much more. We look into what’s being said about your brand by tracking and analysing the many conversations and interactions taking place on social channels, and use that data to forge a new direction and address any issues we uncover.  

Data Analysis

Fancy finding out how your brand stacks up against your rivals? Our investigation begins with sector and market intelligence gathering to understand nuances such as market size, competitive landscape, market trends and predictions. We use a combination of AI powered tools to analyse and interrogate the data. Combined with competitor SWOT analysis and channel/content/asset analyses, we equip our clients with baseline information which also informs next stages of the project.

Prediction Modelling

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see into the future. Here, we use a prediction model. Built using mathematical processes, our prediction model is used to predict future outcomes by analysing patterns or trends in historic internal and external data. We are able to predict financial future, future sales, predicted spend and more.  

Brand Tracker

If your brand’s due a check-up, we’ll use brand tracking to continuously measure your brand’s health, analysing how your consumers buy and use your products or services compared to your competition, and what they think and feel about the brand itself. It can measure and evaluate performance over time, test strategies or campaign efforts, measure brand efficacy, as well as uncover new opportunities. We often suggest ongoing/monthly brand tracking to our client, enabling a real-time tracking, but we are also able to offer deep dives – quarterly, six months or YOY tracking.  

ABM Modelling

Account-based marketing analysis lets us target, engage and onboard new clients and accounts with hyper-personalised messaging. Does your audience responds well to aspirational messaging? Then that’s what they’ll get. Or maybe your audience is more of a hard sell, buy now type. We’ve got you covered.