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Open GI is one of the leading technology partners to the general insurance industry across the UK and Ireland. It’s an established brand with more than a decade in the marketplace but it was beginning to show its age. The identity that felt fresh when the business first launched now felt tired. Our aim was to give the brand a new lease of life.

Following an in-depth brand audit from our Research & Insights team, we set to work creating a refreshed brand identity that matched internal teams’ new creative strategy. Ultimately, we needed to create a look and feel that made the Open GI brand fit for the future, not stuck in the past.

Case study detail - Open GI - Branding - 02
Case study detail - Open GI - Branding - 03

Our expert designers pulled colourful inspiration from around the world, then focused in on what makes Open GI special. A welcoming feel, a human focus and a real sense of energy were key, so they formed the core of every design. Following a few iterations, constant collaboration with stakeholders and the odd tweak here and there, the new look was born.

Then we set to work creating everything from a vibrant new colour palette to resource assets including icons, illustration and a refreshed logo. We provided guides for everything from photography through to the smallest graphic design details so the Open GI team could keep the brand looking its very best for years to come. Every visual choice reinforced the brand narrative, helping an established brand feel new and exciting in a future-focused market.

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“The challenge was to balance our heritage with the need for a refreshed look to take the business forward. The end result was a new, vibrant SaaS brand, created for the modern technology world.”

- Marketing Communications Manager

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