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You might think animation is something we left behind in our youth, but it’s so much more than our favourite cartoons and the characters kids are so obsessed with. It is a powerful medium the in the world of moving imagery from impressive photo realistic 3D productions to imaginative hand crafter Claymation’s and everything in between. We do it all.

As part of your brand, marketing and communications mix, even integrated into your next event, animation grabs attention and keeps it your audience firmly immersed in your message. This approach isn’t just for hero content anymore - It’s become a go-to for endless results including growing and retaining web traffic, giving events some real impact, building brand recognition, spreading brand awareness, boosting engagement across social and much more. Together, we’ll create the concept, style and execution that defines your message and use it to imaginatively connect with your target audience.

Kinetic typography, explainer videos, animated logos, illustration of practically any kind, it’s all within easy reach for our 65-strong team of creatives, writers, producers, art directors and animators. We build any kind of animation using the full range of industry software at our disposal. Our exceptionally talented animators can create anything, so the question really is… where do you want to begin?

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What we do

Creative Development

Anything’s possible when it comes to animation. If you can think it, we can animate it. But the question is, should we? Our team of skilled animators are some of the best in the business, but what makes the animated films we produce here really stand out is the creative development that goes on behind the scenes. We won’t just take any idea and run with it here.

Our world-class creative team generate dynamic concepts that are built out with quality scripting and storyboarding before any animation begins. Following that process, we deliver stunning animated productions that deliver highly engaging experiences and results.


What do you imagine when we say ‘animation’? It’s different for everyone. It might be something emotive, playful or powerful and hard-hitting. So much content falls under that big ‘animation’ banner and, here, we do it all. From character design, rigging, 2D, 3D, video effects, live AR, extended and virtual reality, infographics, standalone films and clever visuals that add to everything from product launches to teaser campaigns, building projection mapping, websites, internal comms, social media, broadcasts... the list goes on. In simple terms, if you can imagine it, we can do it.

Film & Video Composition

The way any film is shot can completely change its audience’s experience. The same is true about what elements go into a film and when combined with animated elements it can have an even greater impact on everything from message to mood to memorability.

We keep that front of mind in everything we produce and, as we have an enormous film and video team in-house, we’re able to draw on years of experience across every approach, format and style imaginable. That means we can create moments that are visually stunning and that make the seemingly unbelievable, possible.

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We love our animators, but they’re not the only people that make our animations blow audiences away (sorry, guys). Incredible animation demands plenty of planning, and a whole load of production work behind the scenes too. Luckily, we’ve got a load of people here that are all about that production pipeline and our client’s experience during the production process. They’ll make sure any narration is on point and your music flows seamlessly with your message. Basically, they guarantee your big idea makes it all the way through to a final film that lands with a bang, and nothing gets lost along the way.

Research & Insights

Without research every decision is an educated guess at best. Our team of super sleuths will uncover whatever truths you need to know about your audience, so we can smash those goals. Think things like colours and fonts don’t really matter? Have you seen Comic Sans?! Every detail matters, and that’s why we spend the time digging for the data. The results will shine.

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As we work towards Net Zero, we put sustainability at the core of everything we do and produce. We are conscious that work in the animation sphere can have a larger than intended carbon footprint, that’s why we monitor every action we take very closely so we can do what is right for the planet and bring down those carbon emissions. One such green initiative is that we use sustainable render farms, where the PCs are powered using sustainable energy. You can rest assured that your journey with us will be as green as possible.

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