BigTalk's Class of 2023!

Class is over and school’s out! This year, BigTalk was bigger and better than ever as we welcomed a new cohort to campus for a day packed full of learning. Through interactive sessions, insight-packed lectures, fascinating tours and a sparkling awards evening, we opened our eyes to the magic that happens when knowledge and creativity meet and merge. The result? Incredible comms, next-level campaigns, and an enlightened BigTalk alumni . 

BigTalk 2023 - Graduating Class
BigTalk 2023 - Session

We’ve gone the extra mile so you can too. All our professors have shared extra content so you can take your learning one step further and see the results pay off in real-time.

Just select the session you’re interested in below to download their exclusive content.

Earn your extra credit

Design with knowledge 

Professor – Stuart Perry  

To really leave your mark when it comes to visual communication, you need more than just gut instinct and experience. You need knowledge. Stuart’s got bags to share, plus handy tips on how to get the best from your creative designers. 

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Framing your knowledge 

Professors - Scott Horsfield & Martin McKean  

Want the low-down on how to create media that looks great, lands in the right way, and stands the test of time? Our passionate filmmakers have all the advice you’ll need to create comms films that leave an impression. 

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Knowledge within stories 

Professors - Tommy Moore & Catherine Shepherd 

The digital revolution has turned information consumption on its head, but that doesn’t mean the old tricks no longer work. Stories are just as captivating as ever... when they’re told in the right way, that is. Tommy and Catherine show us how. 

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Know your audience

Professors – Sara Lyddy & Mitch Perry 

Desperate to learn how personalised comms can drive sales, increase engagement and grow your business? We’ll do you one better. Our comms champions share their simple formula for creating personal comms that cut through. 

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Knowingly innovative

Professor - Rob Taylor

Technology is moving faster than our track team. It’s not slowing down, it’s definitely not stopping and with every new tool, service and shiny toy, we’re discovering exciting new ways to serve audiences. Want to learn more about a few of them? 

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Know your greens

Professors – Dale Parmenter & Andrew Davies 

Eco-friendly, green, planet-kind… whatever you call it, we all want to be more sustainable, right? Study up on sustainable event planning, fully accessible comms, all the meaning behind those indecipherable accreditations, and plenty more with our eco experts.  

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Knowledge for all

Professors – Shani Dhanda & Orla Pearson 

Open up the conversations you’re starting by making sure everyone can access your content. We did our homework and invited along a couple of professors that live and breathe equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) to demonstrate the true value of comms that serve everyone. 

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Know your voice

Professor – Russel Soden 

Dive into what it means to know (and use) your voice. We’ve been using the 5 Voices to improve communication and understanding for the past seven years. Could it help you too? 

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BigTalk 2023 - Keynote
BigTalk 2023 - Graduation Awards Dinner

Life on campus isn’t all about learning, there’s a fair bit of letting loose too. To celebrate all the incredible work our community has been doing since the last BigTalk, we finished the big day with an unforgettable awards ceremony. Our all-stars have been doing some really extraordinary things, so take a look at their winning projects to pick up a little inspiration, get those ideas whirring, or just marvel at their fantastic achievements!

BigTalk all-stars!

Best Change/Transformation Programme – Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group embarked on a transformative journey towards agility and purpose-driven values, and our mission was to facilitate this shift. We crafted immersive, semi-permanent environments within three UK hub offices, serving as the catalyst for their Catalyst Training Programme. 

This comprehensive initiative engaged 6,000 trusted colleagues, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to authentically influence others. Our collaboration with the group culture/learning and Corporate Affairs Team resulted in captivating, branded environments, featuring an escape room and engaging breakout activities. These interactive and playful experiences effectively conveyed the message of change, motivating and leaving a lasting impression on attendees, who would go on to champion transformation throughout the organisation. 

Best B2C Brand Activation – Exertis for PICO

PICO embarked on an extraordinary journey, inviting shoppers to step into a realm of boundless adventures while firmly grounded through virtual reality escapes. Spanning major shopping centres in London, Paris, and Munich during the peak sales season, this innovative seven-week campaign leveraged cutting-edge VR technology.  

Our design approach for the experiential booths fused futurism with elegance, featuring glass and light-hued materials that served as the perfect backdrop to showcase PICO's latest VR innovations. The central glass "Play Pen" stole the spotlight, offering visitors a hands-on experience, immersing them in vivid virtual worlds while securely tethered to the real one. 

Enthusiasts had the chance to consult with knowledgeable brand ambassador promo teams, receiving briefings before embarking on their own captivating virtual adventures. This initiative offered a unique fusion of real-world engagement and virtual exploration, leaving shoppers with unforgettable memories. 

Discover more about the project here. 

Best Use of Film for Recruitment – Capita

Navigating the Army enlistment process can be daunting, and clarity is crucial for candidates considering this path. To address the competitive recruitment landscape, the Army Recruiting Group with Capita had to ensure that vital information remains accessible throughout the application journey. 

Collaborating with Capita, DRPG crafted a series of nine informative animation films tailored to officers, regular soldiers, and reservists. These films demystified the Army's application process, empowering potential recruits with insights into what follows their decision to enlist. The project aimed to elevate candidate experiences, bolster recruitment information, and shape the future of Army recruitment. 

Best Implementation of Design in Communications – Triumph

Triumph had already developed a new set of internal business values that were designed to underpin its 2025 plan, but they needed DRPG’s help to wrap the values in a campaign that would engage and inspire their people.

Our strategy for this included providing; Audience insight and strategic direction; Creative ideation, visual and copy direction; Engagement activity development and execution; and Review and continued development. Employee feedback was extremely positive with one commenting, “Originally sceptical but enjoyed the session. Glad to see Triumph following on the company presentation and not just some empty words with assumed consent, but valuable sessions gaining buy-in.” 

Best Employee Value Proposition Campaign – Tesco

Tesco engaged DRPG to campaign their brand-new virtual GP offering and improved employee value proposition. We were joined by the client at an offsite location as we directed and shot the main launch film. 

This was to be a core deliverable in the assets we provided alongside two ‘how to’ animations for all brands under the Tesco umbrella which allowed them to understand; the benefits of the services; how they could access them; and what real-life value it could add to their lives. The offering itself aligns perfectly with the values we have here at DRPG in looking after our people and ensuring they have the wellbeing support they need to positively impact their day-to-day lives.

Best Use of Digital Marketing to Support Lead Generation – Kingswood

Kingswood needed support for their digital marketing efforts, including a dedicated Google Ads lead generation campaign and SEO to enhance website visibility. This was a bold move for Kingswood, considering the challenges of engaging a sensitive client base amid uncertain market conditions. 

Our team delved deep into understanding Kingswood's brand, services, products, and clientele. This led to the development of targeted ad groups, effectively reaching the right audiences at the optimal times. Collaboratively, we made real-time adjustments based on data, achieving click-through rates exceeding the financial services average by over 5%. Post-campaign, Kingswood secured high financial assets from just two clients, solidifying our winning formula. 

Best Digital Solution to Drive Positive Change – Novo Nordisk

DRPG and Novo Nordisk joined forces to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and simplify their digital systems. DRPG created a tailor-made event management website from the ground up, aligning it with the brand's unique needs. Employing an agile software approach, we maintained flexibility, gradually building and enhancing the solution.  

The result boasted top-level security, robust data storage, flexibility, customizability, and a range of bespoke tools. It streamlined processes and opened avenues for future growth. This platform revolutionised Novo Nordisk's operations, boosting productivity and compliance across teams. It transformed event management and data tracking, ensuring strict adherence to ABPI guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Best Global Internal Event – BT

BT and DRPG orchestrated a groundbreaking hybrid event, seamlessly connecting 12 global locations such as the UK, Ireland, New York, and Bangalore. The meticulously crafted events amalgamated localized leadership messages and synchronised timings, enabling a unified global team to engage in live discussions. 

This design fostered a profound sense of community and belonging on a global scale, all achieved on a lean budget. Engagement scores for the BT Digital Team reached unprecedented highs, reflecting the success of our goal to establish a connected and valued global team with faith in the business unit's future plans. 

Discover more about the project here. 

Best Brand Alignment Programme – Wates

DRPG performed a full audit of the Wates brand which encompassed sector, competitor, demographic, channel and content analysis and an extensive survey and interview programme. This was all designed to uncover the best route to meet the needs, behaviours and desires of the Wates stakeholder audience.   

We found its business structure and hierarchy was confusing and lacked clarity both internally and externally. After delivering on a well-rounded research and insights framework, we then moved into a brand redevelopment project that would allow us to rectify some of the challenges uncovered in the brand audit of the project. After months of refinement, DRPG provided Wates with a series of strategic and tangible deliverables that would propel the brand forward, re-energising Wates for its long-term future. 

Best D&I Engagement Programme – MS Amlin Business Services

MS Amlin Business Services embarked on a thorough examination of its Diversity and Inclusion policies to promote a workplace where all colleagues could authentically express themselves. DRPG assessed existing policies, values, and their practical application through interviews with colleagues, including those representing protected characteristics or those who felt 'different' at work. 

This qualitative data shaped our recommendations for D&I improvements. Subsequently, MS Amlin Business Services initiated work streams, launching the D&I Matters hub led by inclusive employee networks. There was a huge update from the start with many employees joining the network. These efforts have garnered attention from the parent company, with discussions to extend the D&I Matters approach across the Group. 

Discover more about the project here. 

Most Impactful Film – Canon

Canon UK and Ireland sought to create a film that vividly conveyed their inclusive workplace ethos, emphasising the concept of embracing one's authentic self at work. This narrative aimed to inspire employees, attract talent, foster customer loyalty, and embody Canon's ‘People Vision.’ 

DRPG's creative strategy seamlessly integrated Canon products to showcase their capabilities, harmonising with its values of diversity and inclusion. Symbolically, the film employed Canon's cameras and lenses to represent how the company perceives the entirety of an individual. "The Whole You" film encapsulates Canon's dedication to recognising and celebrating its workforce's diversity. 

Watch the film here. 

Best Broadcast for Colleague Engagement – Amazon

Amazon’s bi-annual All-Hands event was put on to engage 31,000 employees across the UK and Ireland. 

Presented in an immersive Extended Reality virtual world and pushed out live from a studio in London, this fast-paced, high-impact broadcast was jampacked with engaging video content and interactive opportunities for colleagues throughout the show. 

The virtual world saw 10 different speakers take to the stage with two colleague hosts, selected as part of a pre-communication competition. Following the event, colleague engagement ramped up with highlights and on-demand films being cascaded across key communication channels to extend reach and participation. 

The event was and is led by a remarkably talented team who worked as one with DPRG to ensure all content was on point, delivery was impactful, and the message hit home. 

The comms produced for the event saw a 35% increase in page hits compared to previous years. One delegate commented, "Best All Hands yet! It definitely deserves a 5-star review." 

Discover more about the project here. 

Best Celebratory Event – BBC

DRPG was chosen to commemorate the BBC's monumental 100th birthday, orchestrating an 8-week celebration spanning the UK and Europe. The festivities commenced with a star-studded kick-off featuring Paddy McGuinness at the Salford offices, followed by intimate touring broadcasts called Now and Then and a grand recognition evening at the iconic Radio Theatre at the Old Broadcasting House. 

Throughout, star-studded micro-surprises like Sara Cox disguised as a security guard and Scott Mills making you a brew in the office added to the jubilation. All 100 BBC sites engaged 100,000 colleagues physically. Virtual participation reached 13,000 colleagues, with touring activations achieving record-breaking engagement scores, a triumph for the internal communications team. 

Best Internal Comms Campaign – EE

EE Live turned a large-scale event into a multi-touch-point experience, reaching 20,000+ colleagues several times right across the UK and Ireland. The kick-off began with a high-production stylised broadcast with colleagues from across the UK tuning in live. What followed was a 6-week roadshow called the Summer of Founders, visiting all 500+ high street stores and 16 contact centres to cascade the key message and drive engagement. This was a complex project with personal at its heart, meaning every touchpoint (and there were thousands) was carefully designed and executed.   

The metrics were fantastic. with engagement in the strategy and leadership team all climbing significantly. Every colleague felt valued, and the content was for ‘them’ and with personal at the heart of the brief – that tells us it was a success. 

Discover more about the project here.  

We are bringing back our German BigTalk in 2024

Earlier this year we hosted RheinTalk in Cologne, and we are excited to be bringing it back in April 2024.

This will be a day full of learning, networking and inspirational offerings to spark your creativity and thinking. If you have any German colleagues who you think would be interested or you'd like to hear more, you can sign up here