Amazon Open Your World Campaign

By now, we’re all familiar with the powerhouse that is Amazon. With a workforce of over 92,000 people across EMEA, Amazon’s European HQ in Luxembourg plays a mighty role, both physically and symbolically, in the heart of Europe. With Luxembourg’s 20th anniversary upcoming, the Communications team asked us to deliver a snazzy celebratory campaign, which we strategically named the ‘Open Your World’ campaign. 

This campaign needed to do a boatload of brilliant things. Not only was this a celebration of Amazon’s 20 years of establishment in Luxembourg, it was also a chance to showcase the innovation, growth and brilliance of Amazon. With this in mind, the campaign needed to get Amazonians excited for the next 20 years, help them to connect to their leaders in a deeper and more meaningful way, and demonstrate measurable shifts in sentiment, knowledge and culture.

What began as a celebratory milestone soon evolved into emphasising the significance of Amazon's Business Lines and Leadership Principles and how they’ve played a pivotal role in Amazon’s success from leaders to every individual employee. The campaign and all elements served as tools that increased engagement and were tailored for Amazon employees. 

We conceptualised, produced and delivered an on-site activation and competition, wraparound communications, a pre-campaign video booth experience, a launch VT, event content for the Amazon Luxembourg All-Hands Event (including graphic presentations and 11 projection-mapped animated clips), and even an ‘Open20’ Podcast series with 12 senior European Amazonian leaders.

Pic of three doors, part of the Amazon Open Your World Campaign
Shot of someone scanning a QR code as part of the Amazon Open Your World campaign
Shot of Amazon Open Your World Campaign floor vinyls
Shot of someone scanning QR code as part of the Amazon Open Your World Campaign
Shot of one of the doors as part of the Amazon Open Your World Campaign

Our Creative team kicked things off by naming and conceptualising the campaign. Called ‘Open Your World,’ the campaign featured 16 mysterious doors. This concept is tied to Amazon's early history and its core value of maintaining a ‘Day One’ mentality, symbolising innovation, and the belief that anything is possible. Combining physical elements with symbolism, each door represented Amazon's 16 Leadership Principles and served as an imaginative embodiment of these values. 

Our innovative use of technology, including AI, QR codes and digital platforms, to provide detailed information and stories behind each door elevated the campaign to new heights.

This not only created a dynamic and interactive experience but also aligned with the evolving digital landscape and changing expectations of the audience. Additionally, the strategic governance in linking each door to specific business lines and projects ensured that the campaign was not just a celebration of the past but a forward-looking endeavour, perfectly aligning with Amazon's vision for the future. 

Pic of people at one of the Amazon Open Your World Campaign doors
Shot of people looking at one of the Amazon Open Your World Campaign doors

We researched and crafted the content behind each door, ensuring that every piece hit the brief we were trusted with. Amazonians were armed with a campus map and encouraged to explore the intranet and Luxembourg campus to get involved with the 20th Anniversary and discover the mystery doors, each of which held a unique story, the latest technological innovations, and demonstrations of the Leadership Principles in action.  

The doors ranged from a ‘Lord of the Rings’ fantasy door, to a door which was opened on command by Alexa. Each door was brought to life uniquely, with a mix of materials to maintain interest and creativity. Vinyl stickers were also placed strategically around the campus on walls and floors to playfully hint at the proximity of the hidden doors, and those who successfully found all 16 doors received a limited-edition pin badge as a testament to their accomplishment. 

Shot of the Open20 podcast recording
Shot of one of the Amazon Open Your World Campaign doors

Amazon was delighted with the results of the campaign. So much so, that the project was awarded ‘The Storyteller Award’ at its global internal recognition awards. So far, the campaign has reached 4,285 total Amazonians in Luxembourg (95% of the team) and the total campaign engagement (likes, comments, clicks, bookmarks, video views) was 5,400. 98% of the Luxembourg team engaged with the ALL-LUX meeting which incorporated the campaign, while 94% have actively listened to the Open20 podcast. 

It’s been a joy to work with you on this campaign and now see the recognition of our hard work and hours of thinking, iteration, reflection, discontent sometimes and then the joy of having it done! And by the way, the podcast is smashing it!

EU Communications Manager, Amazon