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Why you need video content marketing in your business

Written by Dominic Allen

7 February 2023

Why you need video content marketing in your business 

When we say people are consuming more and more video, it’s a bit like proclaiming a grizzly does its business in the depths of the forest. We know this, you know this, and if brands don’t know it yet, then they probably won’t have a very long shelf-life. 

Let’s boil it down. 

Social media channels are, let’s face it, largely about raising your own profile online: telling your audience what you like, what you do, why you’re passionate about those things - and building your own personal brand in the process. And savvy businesses cottoned onto this a long time ago, with content marketing, brand films and social media cuts that literally sliced and diced through the longer-form and harder to reach content, and shouted ‘look at us!’ in about 60 seconds flat, or less. Or less.

And now, in the dawn of 2023, 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, unsurprisingly more than ever before. And 96% of marketers consider video to be an integral part of their marketing strategy. Video Marketing Statistics | New Data For 2023 | Wyzowl

But what actually is video content marketing? 

Fundamentally, it’s when brands produce video content to raise their profile online. The footage is usually published on either YouTube or a social network, although it can also come in the form of webinars, live videos, or self-hosted films. As for its form, the list has become almost endless: promos, explainers, animations, ads, product demos, or just old faithful; the simple piece to camera from someone who knows their stuff. 

It's getting easier and more cost effective to not only create bespoke content these days, but to get it out there to a very large audience (your consumers, and B2B too). As for the stubbornly sceptical, the cost, time and effort to produce, for example, a 60 second explainer film for YouTube, is still deemed not a good return on investment. But produced and crafted in the right way, with good insight into what your audience wants, we say IT’S A BRILLIANT RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

Why? Because you can connect with them quickly and in an engaging format that people actually enjoy consuming, even if they have the attention span of a fish in distress. In the eternal marketing battle of viewing content versus reading content, it’s 1-0 to the filmmakers, every time. 

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Besides ROI, here are four other pretty convincing reasons for getting bang from your marketing buck…

•    Video is a great way to explain your product and/or brand. Customers will only fully trust you when they understand what you do, what your product does – and how it can benefit them

•    Video is an unbelievably versatile format! Just make sure you’re talking about the right things, and targeting the right people to watch it

•    Video is great for SEO, especially via YouTube. Common search terms can get your content right to the top of Google results and therefore get your brand out to the surfers and clickers, as well as the loyal followers. What’s more, video is proven to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions

Oh, and just to reiterate…

•    People love video (we at DRPG prefer calling it film, but whatever). Collectively, we watch over a billion hours of YouTube footage every day. It is the most popular way to consume content, which is why the likes of TikTok and Instagram end up distracting us for hours on end

And so, the next time you’re asked, ‘Why do you need video content marketing in your business?’, smile back with unbridled confidence. It really is as cut and dried as where the grizzly has its private time.


Dominic Allen, Writer and Director, DRPG

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