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New Partnership Between DRPG & Zenus Brings Powerful Data Insights to Experiential Engagements

Written by Zac Goodman

31 July 2023

Our clients now have access to ethical behavioural mapping powered by AI without crossing the privacy line.

We have teamed up with Zenus to launch a revolutionary offering for their clients providing ethical AI-based attendee behaviour mapping services for field marketers and event organisers.

The new service will offer our clients aggregated and anonymized data such as impressions, dwell time, demographics, and sentiment, which can be leveraged to deliver intelligence for exhibitors, organisers, and marketers. The analytics collected from these technologies provide a much richer picture of a marketing funnel than has ever been available for in-person engagement.

We demonstrated the technology in a recent showcase at IMEX Frankfurt, by analysing the engagement and demographic from the audiences in the session. The data was used to generate content in near real-time, as well as tracking engagement and satisfaction levels throughout.

Facial analysis data helps identify which areas of the event receive the most foot traffic and engagement for constant optimisation. The AI sensors also register the demographic composition and sentiment of the audience at a booth or activation. A trigger can then automatically adjust screen content to be relevant to the visitors in real-time.

Creative Technologist here at DRPG, Nick Fagan said, “For us the audience experience has always come first in our planning, and this partnership is the next step in producing completely bespoke events that provide the ultimate return on engagement.”

“We’re guiding our clients through what can be a daunting period of adaptation and exploration right now, and our goal is to make sure this incredibly exciting modern language of technology feels attainable and manageable for the event planners of today (and tomorrow).”

The reason we chose Zenus as one of our AI partners is because of their cutting-edge technology and commitment to privacy data collection. Zenus adheres to ethical AI standards and is dedicated to responsible data capture and protecting the privacy of all event attendees by collecting no personal identifiable information (PII).

This AI technology is scalable, accurate, GDPR-compliant, and easy to use.  We have vetted Zenus to ensure the compatibility with the high expectations of their client base as well as overall mission alignment. These added insights are now ready to launch across our extensive live event portfolio.

“We’re excited to partner with DRPG because their interpretation of the data captured by Zenus technologies will empower marketers and organizers to reach new heights”, said Panos Moutafis, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Zenus. “Great insights can be powerful only if they are analysed by professionals with creativity and experience. These are two qualities that the DRPG team has in abundance.”