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DRPG Launches Next Gen Board

Written by DRPG

1 December 2022

DRPG has launched its Next Gen Board to create positive change not only within the company but the industry itself.

The team is comprised of nine people aged between 18 and 24 from across the wider business. They are Amara Betts-Patel, Harrison Jones, Joe Jenkins, Jonathon Dyke, Layla Grant, Lydia Chenhall, Megan Hughes, Ruan Sarris and Sascha Lewis.

The key objective of the Next Gen Board is to improve and grow the business. Listening to all 400+ team members, they are the face of their colleagues and present ideas to the Board of Directors regularly.

The board has already launched its first initiative named ‘ The Big Ideas Generator,’ an online portal where all team members are encouraged to voice their suggestions for the board to consider and take further. Ideas received have varied from sustainability efforts and better ways to connect to the nine global offices to profit increasing, operational proposals.

Talking about the importance of the Next Gen Board, Head of Learning and Development and Next Gen Board Chair Elaine Voss said, “It’s so important to hear the voice of the next generation. By 2030, 30% of the workforce will be made up of Gen Z so if you’re not listening then you’re not current, not relevant and you will get left behind. They’re our directors of the future and an important link between the business and the board.”

Copywriter and Next Gen Board Member Lydia Chenhall commented, “I’m so honored to have been selected to sit on this Next Gen Board. Composed of such a diverse array of talents and experiences, we have already learned so much from each other. It has also ignited a collective passion, as we utilize our skill sets to find new ways to enrich DRPG and the wider communities it supports. While we’re only just getting started, we’re already making great progress, and I’m extremely excited for what the future will bring.”

CEO Dale Parmenter commented, “Having a Next Gen Board is a fantastic leap forward for the business. We’ve always prided ourselves on listening to all our team members regardless of their position and role, and this initiative will help us maintain our family culture as we continue to grow in headcount. There have already been some brilliant ideas from the Board, and I’m excited to see where we go with this.”

The nine team members that make up the Next Gen Board also receive In-Tandem Mentoring with one of the directors. Elaine said, “With In-Tandem Mentoring we’re flipping the idea of mentoring on its head. We recognize that there can be skill gaps on both sides and each person can tackle their challenges head-on with the help of the other’s insight and strengths. Regardless of seniority, we can learn from one another so we’re removing the hierarchy and introducing an approach where the Board Director and Next Gen Board Member act as both mentor and mentee, to remove any generational gaps and improve communication and collaboration across teams.”

Next Gen Board - Full Line up