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DRPG invests in workshop and scenic services to enhance the industry and deliver unforgettable client experiences

Written by DRPG

29 June 2023

We're proud to announce the expansion and enhancement of our workshop and scenic capabilities. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for its clients, we have made a strategic six figure investment to bolster its capabilities and provide innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of its clients and the industry.

2023 has seen a renewed energy when it comes to the expo and experiential space. They serve as powerful platforms for businesses to showcase their offerings, connect with their target audience, and drive meaningful interactions. Now, we are seeing expo audiences want greater experiences, better than ever before. We've responded by enhancing our expo services to create awe-inspiring and immersive booths that captivate delegates and leave a lasting impact.

We've invested in a range of equipment including a new and larger spray booth oven, workshop tooling as well as innovative technology such as AR goggles and working with HOLOPLOT and Zenus to enhance client experiences at events. The team has also seen significant investment as we provide growth internally from technicians to carpentry apprenticeships to develop the team. In turn, this creates a fully in-house operation that reduces cost without cutting corners and continues to expand our internal investment. The end results are an expo booth experience delivered end-to-end.

The traditional approach to booth and set design simply isn’t enough anymore. The design needs to be centred on the Why and have tangible outcomes. To stand out and make a difference it needs to be led by experience most importantly, putting audiences into an environment that leaves an impression that will have greater impact and long-lasting results. A recent delivery incorporated a 4D immersive walkthrough on the booth. The result led to an 186% uplift on follow up conversation from previous years.

Sustainability is a crucial aspect of modern exhibitions, and we're dedicated to championing environmentally responsible practices. Gone are the days of swag-filled booths; now the focus is on incorporating physical experiences that add value to attendees' lives. For example, instead of distributing traditional giveaways, integrated sustainable initiatives such as offering professional LinkedIn profile photos or interactive experiences that align with clients' brand messaging are coming to the fore. By embracing sustainability, we ensure that expos leave a positive footprint while engaging attendees in meaningful ways.

Accessibility and inclusion are paramount considerations when designing expo experiences. The company aims to create environments that are accessible to individuals of all abilities, ensuring that everyone can fully participate and engage in the event. Through thoughtful design, and inclusive features, we create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that caters to diverse audiences and fosters connections.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and the emerging concept of the metaverse, we offer immersive and interactive elements that push the boundaries of traditional solutions. These digital innovations enable attendees to engage with brands in new and exciting ways, fostering deeper connections and leaving a lasting impression.

Abigail Gannon, Senior Exhibition Manager comments, “It is all about the end user experience and engagement for our clients, for us a booth without the experiential element is a body without a heart. We also know that more than our clients are savvier around budgets. With all services delivered from an in-house model, we retain quality and control throughout, and it’s always been our efficiencies that make DRPG what it is. This investment brings even more of our delivery, quite literally under one roof to avoid third-party and knock-on costs for the client, this means we can offer more for your budget with a greater focus on the experience.”

Becky Cubitt, Head of Stage and Scenic comments, “We’ve landed back in the live event and expo space with a bang but with even louder must-have client and industry expectations. The way in which we produce expos needs to be re-imagined and we’re now creating brilliant experiences for our clients through the services we have here at DRPG. Not only are we working in tandem with clients to ensure we deliver what they’re after, we’re also creating a sustainable future using recyclable materials, 3D printing, and much more.”

We will be showcasing its cutting-edge services along with its partner Maritz Global Events at IMEX America in 2023. Taking place in October, the two powerhouses will be coming together to ideate, collaborate and talk the new language of events within the alliance brand, ‘More Than Experience’.

To find out more information about the partnership, click here.