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DRPG Film earns top honors at Cannes Corporate TV and Film Awards

Written by DRPG

29 September 2023

We celebrated a triumphant victory at the prestigious Cannes Corporate TV and Film Awards on Thursday 28th September 2023, where we clinched five remarkable awards, including two coveted Black Dolphin awards, the highest level of recognition for craft at the event.

The awards received by us at the Cannes Corporate Awards 2023 are as follows:

Black Dolphin Award in the Craft: Best Editing category for Canon 'The Whole You'

Black Dolphin Award in the Craft: Best Sound Design category for Canon 'The Whole You'

Silver Award in the Branded Content category for "Delicious"

Silver Award in the HR category for Canon 'The Whole You'

Silver Award in the CSR category, again for our work on "Canon 'The Whole You'

The Cannes Corporate TV and Film Awards are globally recognized as a platform that celebrates excellence in film production and communications. These awards showcase the very best in creativity, storytelling, and innovation in the corporate film industry.

'The Whole You' film conveys Canon's inclusion story. The film delves beyond surface-level diversity and inclusion, exploring the meaning of bringing one's authentic self to the workplace. Through authentic storytelling, Canon's colleagues share their personal journeys, revealing the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. The film employs a multi-layered approach, blending visuals, sound design, and editing styles to create a powerful narrative. This project shows Canon's commitment to fostering a workplace where employees thrive personally and collectively, leaving audiences with an appreciation for the organization's inclusive ethos.

Watch the film here.

"Delicious" follows one man's transformative journey as he grapples with the sacrifices and dedication required to attain excellence in his field. The central focus is on GB boxer Delicious "DJ" Orie, as he evolves from a novice to a champion in a mere six years. "Delicious" explores the principles and determination necessary for high performance, applicable to both personal and professional aspirations. Through the film, viewers are invited to reflect on their own journeys and aspirations, gaining insight into what it takes to achieve their goals, be it in their personal lives or their professional endeavours.

Watch the film here.

Director Phil Whitehead expressed his elation over this significant achievement, stating, "Winning five awards at the Cannes Corporate Awards is an incredible honour for us. It's a testament to the outstanding talent and dedication of our film team and the trust and collaboration we share with our clients. These awards reaffirm our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering impactful storytelling."

The recognition bestowed upon us at the Cannes Corporate Awards 2023 underscores our reputation in branded content, HR communications, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The Black Dolphin Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement and showcase our commitment to excellence in film editing and sound design.

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