Jaguar Land Rover Teamtalk Magazine

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a British multinational automobile manufacturer and long-standing client of DRPG. JLR places a lot of value on internal comms and came to us with hopes of creating an internal magazine that reflected the company’s prestige. Having previously distributed a fortnightly newspaper-style package, it wanted this new iteration of ‘TeamTalk’ to generate excitement and share engaging content.

We started with research and discovered that keeping the magazine in print was a must – shop-floor colleagues would lose out with no physical magazine to flick through. This gave us space to create something prestigious, and make the beautifully designed new publication an attractive keepsake. A keepsake that left people right across the business with no doubt that they are integral to the company and what they do really matters. Design can really speak.

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Sleek design choices reflected JLR’s prestige in its industry and a new focus on the people behind the business helped to instil a sense of pride in its workforce. Each magazine now has a bespoke cover that reflects the contents within, complementing the selected theme for each issue of the feature-led publication.

Copy was transformed and design revolutionised. In short, TeamTalk was turned into a highly engaging and enjoyable read for every individual within JLR. Feedback from readers shows exactly that. On launch, 83% liked or loved the new look, 75% agreed the new magazine was superior to the old one and well over half admitted they would now share TeamTalk with friends and family outside of JLR.

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TeamTalk’s editor-in-chief couldn’t have been happier. He said, “I've just seen a printed copy of the magazine and it looks fantastic! It's not an easy product to coordinate, as amends seem to go from a trickle to flood in a matter of weeks.

It was all handled so well, and I think the quality of the copy, design, work-flow process and creative session were excellent.”

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