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Jaguar XF Launch Campaign

Jaguar wanted to create a buzz around the product launch of its new XF model and for the public at large, this meant a heart-stopping James Bond style stunt, involving the new big cat tiptoeing its way across high wires, suspended over London's River Thames. Quickly followed by the XF’s official unveiling at the New York Motor Show, it was clear that this was not a low-key launch.

Nor was the way JLR involved their own people in the media campaign. The company's objective was to engage the most amount of employees possible. The only issue was that around 9000 of JLR's UK workforce didn't have company email addresses. We saw the lack of email addresses not as a problem, but a solution: it meant bespoke 'teasers' could be sent out in the post, inviting employees to register their interest in a new Jaguar competition – details of which were not revealed at this point.

The second phase of the campaign was to ask newly registered employees to say why they would buy a Jaguar or Land Rover. Around 2000 of them did; from which the six workers with the best responses were given the opportunity to star as presenters of their own 'television' advert. Finalists were filmed in front of a screening of the new XF in action, and films were uploaded to a newly created Facebook page; and soon a barrage of social media activity ensued.

The engagement of JLR employees helped the company fulfil all of the objectives of this multi-layered campaign. In signing up to register their interest, employees created a real buzz across the company, and JLR captured thousands of email addresses from those taking part. The Facebook page of Claire Brewster, the eventual winner of the competition, was seen by around 11,000 people, many of whom disclosed useful insights through their commentary on the competition itself, as well as the new model and the presenter's skills.

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