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'The Springboard Story' Film

The Springboard Charity provides invaluable support for the advancement in the life and education of young people under the age of 25, by providing advice, training and skills courses. Its purpose is to relieve unemployment for public benefit in various ways, including the provision of assistance to unemployed people seeking employment in hospitality, leisure and tourism.

To celebrate its great work with its supporters and stakeholders, and to raise funds, Springboard holds an annual event which traditionally, is opened by a compelling film.

This year’s film was designed to tell “The Springboard Story” by means of a number of the charity’s beneficiaries.  Talking to camera in an honest and completely unscripted manner, beneficiaries give us a glimpse of their lives and explain how the support from Springboard has been invaluable to them. Whilst each story is different and unique, together they form the powerful and equally unique “Springboard Story”.

The film achieved phenomenal success. Launched to raving applause at Springboard’s annual fundraising event, donations on the night exceeded expectations, achieving a 35% uplift on the previous year.

It’s also now an award-winning video, since taking home two EVCOM Clarion awards.

"Like every charity, we have an ongoing need to attract funding, and even though we use a variety of formats to help get our message across, this video is now used online, and in face to face meetings to tell our story and get the conversation going with potential business partners. drp support us in a number of ways, but their creative and technical contribution to this particular initiative was second to none." Anne Pierce, CEO The Springboard Charity.



35% uplift

in donations

Multi award