Our work


Bibby required an emotive film to open its annual company conference. The objective was to instill a sense of pride and stir real emotion that would have an effect on staff morale beyond the event itself, to help motivate them for the year ahead.

We worked with sporting analogies to showcase the achievements of the team. Real Bibby team members played different roles, accomplishing goals on their own, before coming together in the unity of one proud team at the end.

Shot in slow motion and set to a rousing, emotional voiceover, each scene is carefully depicted. The film’s colours are heavily desaturated, allowing us to emphasise and lift the company’s brand colour – red – in key components with GfX software, Aftereffects. This adds to the overall emotion of the film, and helps establish the strong brand connection.

The film aired on each of the three consecutive days of Bibby’s company conference 2015. The rapturous applause it generated perfectly demonstrated the emotion it had set out to achieve.