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Nationwide Building Society Agricultural Shows Brand Activation

Nationwide Building Society is the world’s largest building society with over 15 million members. We worked closely to conceptualise, build and deliver their brand activation at some of the largest agricultural shows across the UK. The presence at these events, for Nationwide, was about connecting with the public, offering their members something above and beyond, and creating meaningful relationships.

We took a modular approach when designing the stand ensuring the build was adaptable for each show. Within the stand were several experiential elements including ‘paint your own piggy bank’, augmented reality branch finder, ‘real or fake’ game with the aim to educate visitors on the topic of online safety, and a Nationwide heritage area, showcasing artefacts from their longstanding history.

Being a community-driven organisation, the shows provided a channel to engage with local communities, support local charities and showcase some of the volunteering projects that their employees have taken part in.

The brand activation has been rolled out 10 times in 2018, including at the Royal Norfolk and Royal Welsh shows. In total, over 13,000 charity votes were given, over 13,000 piggy banks painted and 1,500 ‘Real or Fake’ gameplays.




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